«Salavat Yulaev» in overtime beat «Vityaz» in the CHL match

«Salavat Yulaev» in overtime beat «Vityaz» in the CHL match

The team suffered a third defeat in a row in the regular season

Photo: press-service «Salavat Yulaev»

«Salavat Yulaev» on the ice beat Podolsk «Vityaz» in the match of the regular championship KHL. The meeting ended with the victory of the Ufa team with the score 2:1.

The hosts opened the scoring in the 13th minute scored striker Nikita Soshnikov. In the 42nd minute of the «Vityaz» equalized effort forward Svyatoslav Grebenschikov.

The main time of the match ended in a draw 1:1, and in the overtime Opener scored twice, bringing his team victory in the third minute of the additional period.

Vityaz suffered a third successive defeat in the regular season. Previously, the team on the road lost «Barys» and «Siberia».

«AK bars» scored in 20 matches of the regular season with 31 points and is in the standings of the Eastern conference first. «Vityaz» with 31 points in 21 outings is third in the West.

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