«Mother Russia will see the fight.» The important thing from the speech of Magregor in Moscow

«Mother Russia will see the fight.» The important thing from the speech of Magregor in Moscow

Conor McGregor gave bright in Moscow a press-conference on which has again attacked Habib Nurmagomedov. He confessed his love to Russia and told the story about Putin donated a bottle of whiskey. On the performance of MacGregor at RBC

Photo: TASS

«I don’t think Nurmagomedov is Russian»

In his speech, Conor McGregor chided fighter Habib Nurmagomedov in the absence of love to the Russian flag. «I don’t think Khabib is Russian. You may recall, when he represented Russia? Where was his flag? For example, I represent Ireland and always leave with a national flag. I am convinced that Nurmagomedov does not fight for Russia,» said McGregor.

Before the fight between McGregor and Nurmagomedov in 2018, the Irishman with his team members attacked the bus, which was the headquarters of the Dagestani. Later, McGregor has repeatedly blamed the rival that Habib got out of the bus after the attack and did not fight him on the spot.

«We know who the Dagestanis. They hide, they run. Remember what happened in Brooklyn? They then ran away and he recently ran off with a press conference. I will fight with Habib in Moscow, mother Russia will see this fight», — confidently said the Irishman.

«I wouldn’t go to Dagestan»

Father Habib — abdulmanap Nurmagomedov earlier invited McGregor to Dagestan. «I wouldn’t go to Dagestan, to soak up their shit. Why do I need this?» — categorically said the Irishman.

McGregor, returning to the attack on the bus, said he was ready anytime to fight with the Dagestani. «Let him know, give him your location: I live in the center of Moscow, the Ritz-Carlton! War with him is over. Will we be able to reconcile? Maybe Yes, but revenge will take place. Let it run, but I’ll find it,» — said McGregor.

«I want to fight here in Moscow»

McGregor after losing to Nurmagomedov has not spent a single battle. He spent one week announced his departure and then his return to the sport. On Thursday, he said that he was going in the beginning of 2020 to reach the octagon.

«I want to fight here in Moscow. People are waiting for the rematch with Habib in Moscow. But I’m not just waiting for it, I’d like you to say that Conor McGregor on January 18 fight in Las Vegas. I’m ready to send everything to hell and do 18 Jan. 2020 will be the year of the McGregor,» said the Irishman, refusing to name the name of the opponent

«Putin promised that I would try my whiskey»

In October, the athlete has announced the start of sales of whisky in Russia. He admitted that he produced the first bottle of Proper 12 gave the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

A bottle of whiskey, according to the soldier, he gave during his first visit to Russia in 2018, when the country hosted the world Cup. The bottle itself he passed through the guards so they checked it for the presence of toxic substances. «Putin promised that I would try. Can’t say if he tried, but I’m sure he would have liked,» said McGregor.

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