Champion «Formula 1» of Alonso in 2020 making its debut in the rally «Dakar»

Champion «Formula 1» of Alonso in 2020 making its debut in the rally «Dakar»

The Spanish rider will perform at the famous rally-marathon, which will be held on the territory of Saudi Arabia


The double champion «Formulas-1» Fernando Alonso will speak on «Dakar» in January 2020, reports the press service of the competition. The Spanish rider will start in the team’s Toyota, and his Navigator will be five-time champion of the rally-marathon in offset of motorcycles Marc Coma.

Toyota will present at the «Dakar» 2020 four crew. Comrades Alonso on the team will be three-time champion of the rally Nasser al-Attiyah, the winner of the race 2009 ginel de Villiers and the Dutch pilot Bernard ten Brink.

Rally «Dakar» 2020 will be held in Saudi Arabia from 5 to 17 January. Kingdom for the first time in history will race, the last 11 years of the rally-marathon took place in various countries in South America.

Alonso announced his departure from the «Formula 1» at the end of last season. He drove for McLaren, Ferrari and Minardi, as well as for Renault, in which he won two titles in 2005 and 2006.

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Fernando Alonso has announced the completion of a career in the «Formula 1»

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