The government supported the return of beer at football games

The government supported the return of beer at football games

The deputies ‘ proposal to allow the sale of beer in stadiums during the football matches approved by the government. On other sporting events, the initiative does not apply

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The government supported a bill authorizing the sale of beer at stadiums during football matches. This follows from the formal opinion signed by Deputy Prime Minister Konstantin Chuichenko, seen by RBC.

The world Cup 2018 and others held in Russia’s sporting events have shown that when the sale of alcoholic beverages in the stadiums «not leads to negative consequences in terms of security of the audience», stated in the opinion.

A bill proposal to allow the retail sale of beer during football matches (with the exception of youth sports activities) was submitted to the Duma on July 22 of this year and have not yet passed the first reading.

Its authors are deputies from LDPR Igor Lebedev and Dmitry Svishchev proposed to allow to sell beer at football matches businesses that signed a contract with the organizers of these competitions. Funds received from agreement, proposed to extend funding for professional and youth sports.

A ban on the sale, consumption and advertising of beer on sports facilities and events operates in Russia since 2005. Fears about drinking beer during soccer matches is much exaggerated, and the consumption of this drink steadily declining, specified in the explanatory note authors of the bill.

Lebedev confirmed to RBC that the government sent the final opinion. According to him, it still is only about football, but the initiative can be extended to other sports.

«If there is anyone that wants to extend this bill to other sports, please, this is second reading. We are waiting for the first reading, which we expect will be in November. Nothing prevents MPs or the government to amend and extend the law and to the hockey games, too,» — said Lebedev.

RBC appealed for review to the RFU, but they refused to comment on the conclusion of the government.

«So far we have nothing to comment. If such a law is adopted, it will be a good tool for fans,» said RBC in the press service of the Russian Premier League.

The government has raised comments on the bill: the authors are recommended to clarify the mechanisms of spending who get the event organizers, as well as set for them, the responsibility for appropriately.

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