«The foot is the Beginning of order»: the reaction to the game «Locomotive» with Juventus

«The foot is the Beginning of order»: the reaction to the game «Locomotive» with Juventus

«The locomotive» has not managed to hold the advantage and lost against Juventus with the score 1:2 in the match of group stage of the Champions League. Who called the players of the Russian team heroes and Alexei Miranchuk about the idea to play in the European club at RBC

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Vasily Kiknadze, General Director of «Lokomotiv»

He stressed that the railroad fought, but the class players, Juventus influenced the final result. «But our guys are great, characters just. In a situation when half of the team injured, gave this game. Just need to be proud of this team,» — said Kiknadze edition Sport24.

Anatoly Meshcheryakov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of «Locomotive»

According to him, the Juventus ‘ of the strongest players decided the match result. «Played more than adequately, no complaints there. Against a team with this level of players and the cost of which far exceeds that of our team looked very well,» said he to the portal «the championship.»

Maurizio Sarri, head coach of «Juventus»

The specialist noted the high level of «Locomotive» and stated that such an approach to the game «the locomotive» on forces to pass in the Europa League. He also highlighted the game Aleksey Miranchuk. «I liked Miranchuk. The left leg he is fine, he is a very good player,» said Surrey, adding that he did not know what game show «the locomotive» in Moscow.

Yuri Semin, the head coach of «Locomotive»

An experienced specialist left disappointed with the result, but paid tribute to the opposing team, calling Juventus an outstanding club. He stressed that in the following match in Moscow «the locomotive» will show a good game. «Yeah, it’ll work. We’re duking it out. Come, I invite you to the stadium,» said Semin.

Alexey miranchuk, midfielder of «Locomotive»

The author of the only goal of «Locomotive» stressed that the individual skill of the players, Juventus was top notch. Miranchuk also noted that his team could better manage their chances and convert them. «I like to play against such teams. It wasn’t easy, but it is very interesting», — said Alexey Miranchuk the TV channel «Match the Prime Minister», answering the question whether he is ready to play in Europe.

Paulo Dibala, Juventus forward

Author of a brace against Marinato Guilherme said that the rival to beat was not easy. «We managed to beat Lokomotiv at the expense of experience. Despite the difficulties, we had to remain calm and look for opportunities to score. Glad scored two goals. This is a good result for me and for the team,» said the Argentine.

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