Ivi bought from «Gazprom-Media» the rights to broadcast RPL and Champions League

Ivi bought from «Gazprom-Media» the rights to broadcast RPL and Champions League

Online cinema will receive an exclusive in the segment right to the Internet broadcast of football matches of the championship of Russia and the leading European tournaments

Photo: RBC

Company Ivi bought from «Gazprom-Media» the rights to show football League matches, Champions League and Europa League, reports «Kommersant» with reference to the representatives of the online cinema.

According to the publication, in the transaction, which sum is not called, also includes the rights to broadcast on the Internet package sports and entertainment holding company.

Rights for football matches will be for Ivi exclusive in the segment of online cinemas. As report sources of «the Kommersant» «Gazprom-Media» the transaction will allow the company to increase revenue from the exploitation rights of the partners.

Rights to key football games will monetize Ivi on the model of «pay per view». In this part of the deal will also be selling advertising on the platform Smart TV, which now go to the «Gazprom-Media».

The press service of the Ivi and «Gazprom-Media» has confirmed the fact of transaction. The size of the transaction, the company and the online cinema has not commented.

It is noted that the transaction with Ivi will help to «Gazprom-Media» in the struggle with competitors, broadcasting sporting events on the Internet.

In new sports season «Yandex» shows live all matches of the regular championship of NHL, Rambler signed an exclusive contract to show Premier League football via the service Okko, and «Telesport» will broadcast football matches of the Championships of Italy and Spain, as well as the European championship 2020.


The NHL confirmed the contract with «Yandex» to broadcast

In the current season of «Gazprom-Media» owns the exclusive rights to show the championship of Russia on football but also Champions League and Europa League. All the NATs games are broadcast on TV «Match of the Premier», and the most interesting meetings fall within the etheric grid «Match TV». Federal channel along with football-themed TV shows also in the European competitions.

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