Changing nationality she called the Russian sports circus

Changing nationality she called the Russian sports circus

In August, the Russian biathlete Olga Podchufarova announced the resumption of a sports career, but now she is planning to compete for Slovenia

Russian sports for fans like at the circus, said Russian biathlete Olga Podchufarova on his page in Instagram. So she commented on their plans to change sports citizenship and play for Slovenia.

«In the perception of the fans of our whole sport is a show for evening get-togethers or likeness of a circus performance. At some point I also realized that it’s all tent,» wrote the athlete, noting that he didn’t want to be a «sad clown» (quoted by «RIA Novosti»).

«We, the athletes, this is the show point live how life, and therefore the value of this moment is high», — said Podchufarova, explaining changes in his career. She added that at the same time respects all the mentors who worked with her.

In April 2018, the athlete has announced the completion of a career, but in August 2019 announced his return to the sport. Podchufarova is a bronze medalist of the world championship 2017 in Hochfilzen mixed relay, also, the athlete won bronze and gold at the world Cup in 2015 and 2016. Has the title of master of sport of international class.

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