Slutsky criticized the leadership of the Volgograd «Rotor» for ego and power

Slutsky criticized the leadership of the Volgograd «Rotor» for ego and power

The coach of the Dutch «Vitesse», told about the relations with the Russian team, which worked with its children’s football school


Russian coach Leonid Slutsky, who heads the Dutch «Vitesse», has criticized the leadership of «Rotor», which co-operated with his children’s football school in Volgograd.

According to Slutsky, before the release of «Rotor» in the national football League club proposed to merge with his children’s football school. The management team repeatedly violated the conditions for joining by cutting the salaries of coaches, raising the rent of the field three times and demanding to push through club travel funding students Slutsky for a tournament in the Netherlands.

«Morons in charge, unfortunately. I’m talking about «Rotor». Too much ego, too much power. I trained my balls, my inventory form. They have their own form appeared only in the month of March, when the school opened in September. Even thank no one has ever said,» — said Slutsky in an interview with YouTube channel «krasava».

Slutsky said that the Academy spends 10 million rubles a year. The coach also noted that he is not going to drop out of school, despite the lack of mutual understanding with the leadership of «Rotor».

Football school of a name of Leonid Slutsky was founded in Volgograd in December 2016. From last season she is part of the Academy «Rotor».

Slutsky since last summer, is headed by the Dutch «Vitesse». Under his leadership, the team took fifth place in the previous round of the championship of the Netherlands. In the current championship «Vitesse» is in third place, scoring in the first ten rounds of 23 points. This result became record for all history of the team.

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