Injured football player, «Rubin» left the intensive care unit

Injured football player, «Rubin» left the intensive care unit

Defender Vyacheslav Fomin, who was urgently admitted after a match of youth superiority of RPL, was transferred to the ward of the surgical Department


The football player of «Rubin» Vyacheslav Fomin transferred from the intensive care unit of the surgical Department, reports a press-service of the team. The player continues to recover from the injury in the away game of the youth championship of RPL against Moscow «Spartak».

Chief doctor of the clinic where the treatment of the player, Andrei Osipov said «Championship» that the rehabilitation of the defender will take about two weeks.

In the Saturday match «Rubin» and «Spartak» Fomin was replaced in the second half after a hard challenge on an opponent. After the game on the way to the airport the player was bad, he called an ambulance. The athlete was hospitalized.

Sunday Fomin disconnected from the ventilator. The player was diagnosed with blunt trauma to the abdomen. Then it was reported that he is conscious in serious but stable condition, and the initial suspicion of a splenic rupture was not confirmed.

Fomin is a graduate of the Academy «ruby» and held this season, 12 matches in the youth championship of RPL. On account of 17-year-old player also two meetings in the Junior team of Russia.

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