Man burned children in Rostov from-for fights of their child

the website of the RF IC

Arrested 37-year-old arsonist house in Rostov in the Yaroslavl region said that the main motive of his action was to avenge the fight of his child, reports the Telegram-channel Mash.

It is worth Recalling that as a result of a house fire killed 7 people, including five children. A criminal case, the arsonist is already detained and gives grateful evidences.

The man said that he was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Once his kid got into a fight at school. Then the father went out to the family of the offender. There he was beaten. The man held a grudge. Since some time has passed.

Recently, the suspect was driving a taxi after drinking. And asked to stop his abuser. He took the lighter, lit the rag. The fire broke out. Killed three daughters and the mother, the father of the family was able to feed, jumping out of the window. He was injured and is now in hospital. Also killed another man, a neighbor, and with him two children.


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