«Dynamo» played draw with «Krasnodar» in the championship of Russia

«Dynamo» played draw with «Krasnodar» in the championship of Russia

The Moscow team ended a run of four defeats in the first match after the resignation of head coach Dmitry Khokhlov

Photo: twitter.com/FCKrasnodar

«Dynamo» in his field played draw with «Krasnodar» in the match of the 13th round of the championship of Russia. The meeting ended with the score 1:1.

Scored goal in Dynamo defender scored Grigory Morozov, who led the team for the 100th match. He scored in the 3rd minute of the match.

The goal of «Krasnodar» was on account of the defender Alexander Martynovich, who headed the ball into the opponent’s net after a corner in the 35th minute of the game.

«Dinamo» held the first match after the dismissal of head coach Dmitry Khokhlov. The team was led by acting coach Kirill Novikov.

Moscow club managed to interrupt a series of four consecutive defeats (three in the Russian League and one in the Cup). However, makes a series of «Dynamo» lasted for seven meetings — the last time the «white-blue» won a victory on 24 August on the «Tambov.»

«Krasnodar» after 13 rounds of the championship of Russia scored 27 points and is in the standings to third place. In the lead in superiority «the locomotive» and «Zenith», which for 29 points. Dynamo with 11 points is on the penultimate, 15-th line.

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