18 spicy shots, revealing the curtain of the legendary Crazy Horse cabaret

18 spicy shots, revealing the curtain of the legendary Crazy Horse cabaret

Crazy Horse — a famous Parisian cabaret, founded in 1951. Its distinctive feature, the highlight was the principle of selection dancers. They must have been very hard, later became typical of a recognizable «brand» set of external data, such as height, slimness, smartness, General similarity of features and even size and shape of the breast.

Let’s unveil the curtain of the legendary institution…

The Creator of the cabaret became Allen Bernardin. He initially refused the narrow focus of the submission and began to include in the program room of clowns, mimes, magicians, jugglers, to apply the laser effects to run acrobatics dancers with the use of safety belts. Bright memorable performances with fire, magic tricks, honed choreography quickly highlighted Crazy Horse from dozens of repetitive projects.

Since its inception in 1951, Crazy Horse has been and remains the most famous cabaret of modern times. Cabaret is considered a national treasure of France and part of the cultural heritage of the country.

Allen said: «Magic is a dream. There is nothing more enchanting than the magic show. And what girls in our show, too magic. Because such enchantingly beautiful, like the scene in ordinary life, they will never be. And that’s all the magic of light and wonder attire. I made my dreams come true and dreams on stage.»

The Crazy Horse shows are dedicated to the beautiful half of humanity and praises femininity in an unusual way and in a unique manner. Le Crazy Horse Paris is a wonderfully beautiful combination of plastics is lovely, almost Nude dancers, Parisian fashion, luxury, art and modern design.

The show is a series of short colorful choreographic etudes, each of which tells a unique story.

In the show Le Crazy Horse Paris «clothing» dancers is light. Colors and images arising due to the incredible play of light, is constructed so that it is difficult to understand where it ends and the skin starts lighting effects. The result is a unique representation of that shocking visual effects.

Under the impression of «Crazy horses» Salvador Dali came up with his famous sofa in the shape of lips, which became one of the symbols of the cabaret. And Cesar has created a poster to show «Teasing», which has become not just a poster but a work of art.

The ability to strip Allen Bernardin elevated to the rank of art, and so artfully learned how to put their girls through light. Lighting and technical effects in a cabaret is a whole world, causing a constant delight of the audience.

The legendary cabaret frequented the cabaret world and a symbol of Paris like the Eiffel tower and the Champs Elysees. Over the past 60 years, Crazy Horse was visited by over 8 million spectators, including many celebrities: Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, John Kennedy, Aristotle Onassis, Liza Minnelli, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Jean Paul Gaultier, Pedro Almodovar, Quentin Tarantino, sting, Kylie Minogue, Sharon stone, Steven Spielberg, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Kanye West, Pink, beyoncé, Marilyn Manson and many others.

In his artist founder of cabaret Alain Bernardin even more than external data, appreciated the energy and ability to engage the audience.

After the suicide of Alain Bernardin in 1992, the business took three of his sons. They began the practice of inviting celebrities to a certain number of rooms. In Crazy Horse were Dita von Teese, Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson and others.

Also cabaret invites famous choreographers for the show and collaborating with the greatest fashion designers in the world.

For all time of existence of the show in the troupe of the Crazy Horse Paris has performed more than 800 dancers from around the world. Crazy Horse Group annually receives more than 500 questionnaires from women, and only 20 of them are cabaret dancers.

All dancers have a classical ballet education. Their further training in Crazy Girl is about a month.

All dancers will receive pseudonyms for their performances. The most famous Crazy Girls — Rita Renoir, Bertha von Parabum, Rosa Fumetto, Lova Moore, Polly Underground, Stella Patchouli, miss Tallulah and Psykko tico.

In 2011, Le Crazy Horse Paris Group, there were 45 dancers from 15 countries, including France, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Italy, Azerbaijan, Switzerland and Romania.

Age of dancers from 21 years to 33 years. The bodies of the girls must strictly meet certain criteria, which set another Allen Bernardin: growth from 1.68 to 1.72 m, leg length in proportion to the amount of breast — 1/3–2/3, the distance between the nipples is 27 cm, the distance from navel to pubis — 13 see

In the dressing rooms of the dancers entrance to men is strictly prohibited.

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