11 countries, whose government desperately encourages people to have sex

In determining the bright future and the viability of the nation nothing is more important than the birth rate. Demographers believe that the country needs a fertility rate of more than two children per woman, to reach the level at which the number of newborns will cover the number of deaths.

However, due to certain cultural and economic reasons barely half of the 224 countries in the world achieved this level. In countries with low birth rates the government strongly encourages its citizens to have sex and to breed and sometimes comes to the highly original solutions in the hope to inspire people.


If you don’t have children, says the Danish government to its citizens, get them at least for the sake of the country. In small Northern country is so low the birth rate, a Danish travel Agency Spies Rejser has come up with an unusual solution to inspire women to get pregnant. First, she offered the first three years to pay for the baby things to those couples who conceived during vacation, booked through their firm. And she recently released a video campaign called «Do it for mom,» which encourages kids to please future grandmothers.


In Russia in 2007 on September 12 announced the official Day of conception. On this day, people seem to focus on children. But women who give birth exactly 9 months later, on June 12, get refrigerators.


The birth rate in the country was the lowest since 1975. To solve this problem, in 2010 a group of students from the University of Zukovskogo invented Yotaro, the robot baby, which should help young couples understand what it’s like to be parents.


In 1960-e years, Romania was a dangerous place for young couples. The population has not increased and the government imposed a 20 percent tax on the incomes of young couples who have no children. The idea was this: if you don’t pay anything in the future of the country — do not have children and do not create workers, then pay the money.

In the 1980s, the situation has not improved. Women were required to undergo gynaecological examinations to «population community» was convinced that the pregnancy is not interrupted. In 1989 the government changed, and the campaign turned. The country is still very low level of fertility.


In Singapore, the low birth rate is 0.81 children per woman. 8 Aug 2012 the government held a National night event, sponsored by the company was Mentos. Singaporeans thus vengeance was encouraged to «give patriotism to prevail.»

They also set a limit on the number of small apartments with one bedroom for rent. This decision, apparently, was to inspire people to live together and, so to speak, to be fruitful.

In total the government each year spends about $ 1.6 billion on programs to get people more engaged in sex.

South Korea

Every third Wednesday of each month all companies in South Korea turn off the light at 7 PM. This so-called Family day. With a low birth rate (1.25 children per woman) that the government does is just to advance the values of family life, even offering a cash reward to those who have more than one child.


The government pays parents $ 130 for the first child, $ 170 for second and 260 for the third. In 2015, the Prime Minister announced the introduction of incentives for working mothers — for example, full payment of the incomplete working day.


In General there are no problems with the birth rate of 2.48 children per woman. However, the rapidly disappearing community of Parsis in 1941 to 114 thousand people, and in 2001 was 61 thousand. Because of this problem, in 2014, came a series of provocative advertisements, such as «Be responsible — don’t use a condom tonight». Perhaps the campaign worked. According to the latest data, the number of Parsis has increased.


The Italian government chose a different approach. Was released a series of commercials that, in theory, should remind the Italians that time is running out, and the children just do not appear. «Beauty knows no age, and reproductive ability does.»

Hong Kong

Hong Kong faced the same problem of birth, like many other developed countries. In 2013, the government proposed to give money to couples as an encouragement to have children. The idea was taken from Singapore, where parents pay a bonus of $ 4400 for the first two children, and for third and fourth — 5900 dollars. However, in Hong Kong, the plan was never brought into action.


In the country the birth rate is falling and unemployment is rising — half of young people have a stable job. To solve the problem, the government hired a special Commissioner of demography — Edelmira Barreiro. She must find out the causes of the falling birth rate and develop a strategy to combat it.

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