In Bulgaria doctors six hours looking for the missing tomography grandmother

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Seventy years a resident of Bulgaria of Christ It was gone in the hospital where I went in order to pass the examination in the tomograph. As reports TV channel Nova, the daughter of an elderly woman got worried and called the police.

In the end, the grandmother searched all over the hospital for six hours. Found it only when I decided to look into the room, where was installed the scanner, where long gone by doctors and locked it. It turned out the radiologist assistant Camellia Krasteva put the woman in a scanner that recorded it, closed the office door and left. And then about the patient simply forgot.

The hospital said that such a long stay of the patient in the scanner on her health is not affected, because the unit has not even been included. But relatives believe that the pensioner had suffered deep stress and are going to sue the hospital.


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