29 creative photographers who know how to play with shadows

29 creative photographers who know how to play with shadows

The shadows are a brilliant way to create gorgeous and nothing like the pictures. They are free and in abundance literally everywhere. However, not everyone pays attention to them.

Each of these photos was special because of the use of shadows. In some scenes, Nude body models adorned with shade from the leaves, plants and flowers, and other body and face are a canvas for discarding hats and curtains of shadows.

Photo: Heather Mason.

Photo: Emilio Jimenez.

Photo: Solve Sundsbo.

Photo: Wendy Hope.

Photo: Kristin Sundberg.

Photo: George Mayer.

Photo: xaqnoseduermanmisentidos.

Photo: David Basanta.

Photos: Francis Giacobetti.

Photo: Cristiana Pantea.

Photo: Neil Snape.

Photo: Jannic Borlum.

Photo: Ferdinando Scianna.

Photo: Lucien Clergue.

Photo: Arseniy Semyonov.

Photo: Greg Lotus.

Photo: Victor Pictor.

Photos: hands-on-body.

Photo: Juras Duo.



Photo: thewildflower_

Photo: Oscar Jimenez.

Photo: Pablo Miranzo.

Photo: Alessio Albi.


Photo: Michael David Adams.

Photo: Abbie Wyatt.

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