Match Barcelona and real Madrid postponed because of the protests in Catalonia

Match Barcelona and real Madrid postponed because of the protests in Catalonia

Scheduled for October 26 the game is officially postponed to a later date. The team needs to agree on a new date for the meeting within three days

Photo: Daisuke Nakashima / AFLO

The Committee for the competition of the Spanish football Federation have postponed the match of the tenth round of La Liga between FC Barcelona and real Madrid at a later date. About it it is reported on the official website of the organization. The meeting was scheduled at the home stadium of the Catalan team camp Nou on October 26.

The statement noted that «Barcelona» and «real» needs to agree on a new match date to October 21. In that case, if you agree it will not work until ten in the morning on Monday, the Committee for the competition will set a date for the game itself.

On Wednesday, the leadership of the championship of Spain asked for Barcelona and real Madrid to postpone scheduled for October 26 match from the Catalan capital to Madrid. It was assumed that in this case the teams will play at the camp Nou in the spring of 2020, but both clubs did not accept the option of sharing circles.

The postponement of the match was scheduled for October 26 protest in Barcelona. Earlier in the week in the city riots broke out after the Supreme court of Spain sentenced to long prison terms the organizers of the referendum on the independence of Catalonia.

After eight rounds of the championship of Spain «real» leader in the standings with 18 points. Barcelona, which is the current winner of the tournament, scored 16 points and took the championship in second place.

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