Joker vs Metalist meeting Karpin with Pedophilia. The announcement of the tour of RPL

Joker vs Metalist meeting Karpin with Pedophilia. The announcement of the tour of RPL

Russian Premier League (RPL) resumes after a break on matches of national teams. Domenico Tedesco debuts on the post of coach of «Spartacus» in St. Petersburg will meet the leaders of the championship «Zenith» and «Rostov». About all the intrigue round at RBC


Standings after two rounds of the championship

The matches of the round

The Central match of the tour

«Zenit» — «Rostov»

Both teams are among the leaders, scoring 26 points. If a high place wards Sergei Semak was predictable, then such a hurried from the team Valery Karpin was hardly expected. Particularly acute clash Karpin attaches a meeting with the captain of the Russian national team and FC Zenit St. Petersburg forward Artem Dzyuba.

Their conflict began at a time when the Karpin coached Spartak. Due to conflicts Carpini Dziuba had to wander for loan. Forward jokingly admitted that when the case was invited to the coach to a duel. All wards Karpin met with the teams in which he played the film three times — in those matches had been recorded one win, draw and defeat. The striker has scored twice.

Tedesco’s debut against FC Rubin Kazan

In the beginning of the week «Spartak» has presented head coach Domenico Tedesco, known for his work with the German Schalke. The home match against Kazan «ruby» will be his first in «Spartacus». Club owner Leonid Fedun announcedthat it would not require Tedesco getting into the top three by the end of this season. «This season the goal is to make a workable team that can then fight for the title,» said the businessman.

To resist the German specialist is one of the brightest young coaches Roman Sharonov are known to love the band Metallica and attempts to instill «the ruby» the attacking game. If Spartak have lost their last five matches in the championship, Kazan in the last round managed to win our first August win.

The day before the game, the newspaper «Sport-Express» published on the cover a photo of Tedesco in the main character of the film «Joker». The cover was criticized by fans. The trainer was not offended, but the newspaper brought the apology, adding that he did not want to hurt anyone.

The first match Novikova in «Dinamo»

The coach not only in «Spartacus». After the resignation of Dmitry Khokhlov, Dynamo was headed by Kirill Novikov. He is a graduate of the club’s Academy and son of the defender Alexander Novikov, the champion of «Dynamo» by the number of matches. The first match specialist will be a home game with the «Krasnodar». In history, the Dynamo won the club Sergey Galitsky in his field only once.

From the tournament point of view the forthcoming match is very important for both teams: FC Krasnodar intends to continue the championship race, but the Dynamo need to climb out of the relegation zone.

Shomurodov VS Sobolev

Forward «Rostov» ealdor of Shomurodov and a defender of «Wings of the Soviets» Alexander Sobolev to the 12th round scored 10 goals and have a strong lead in the list of scorers. In the last round of the Uzbek player scored the ball into the goal CSKA (3:1), and the Russian scored twice in the meeting with «Sochi» (2:0).

The opponents will Shomurodova «Zenit», and Sobolev will stand up, «Orenburg», which won the last two meetings.

Semin battle for the championship

«The locomotive» Yury Semin again among the leaders. The team from the beginning of September lost once and won four times, despite the injury of Anton and Alexei Miranchuk, whom 1 October marked the 24th year. Alex returned to the field only in the last round and helped the team beat the Tula Arsenal (2:1).

Grozny, «Akhmad» is not going to give points. Before the last round of the resignation of head coach Rashid Rakhimov. In his place was invited Igor Shalimov, who in the first match managed to beat away «Ufa» (1:0). A match with «the Locomotive» becomes for the first Shalimov in Grozny, «Akhmad Arena».

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