How much spending clubs of the Western conference of KHL salaries

How much spending clubs of the Western conference of KHL salaries

The largest payroll have SKA and CSKA is 1.75 billion rubles number of clubs-billionaires Moscow «Dynamo». These three teams will spend on salaries almost as much as the other nine clubs in the Western conference

Photo: Oleg Bukharev/TASS

Clubs of the Western conference of Continental hockey League will spend on salaries per season 2019/20 9,365 billion rubles, follows from the payroll of the 12 teams that were at the disposal of RBC.

Figures include salaries of players and reserves at the beginning of the season and take into account the bonuses, including those players in the end can not make money.

The largest payroll have SKA (President Gennady Timchenko) and CSKA (Chairman of the Supervisory Board Igor Sechin). They spend on the salaries of about 1.75 billion rubles.

Another club with billionaire is the capital «Dynamo» (Chairman of the Central Council Arkady Rotenberg). These three teams pay players for 4.5 billion rubles, which is almost equal to the expenses for the nine remaining 4.9 billion

Now the most effective in terms of price structure and quality of the games are a «hero», «torpedo» and «Severstal». Moscow club spends 630 mln. and occupies the third place in the Western conference table. Nizhny Novgorod 470 million and is the fifth.

Payment system of Severstal — 350 mln., which is in eighth place in the West. The team behind «Spartacus» is just one point, though spends two times less. Cherepovets club — the only one whose salary budget compared to its first season in the KHL was less. In 2008 it amounted to 421 million rubles.

Two of the richest club spend on wages almost seven times more than the poorest — Riga «Dinamo».

In comparison with the previous season reduced the payroll of all clubs, except for «Jokerit», which began to pay more about 20 million RUB This trend is explainable by the introduction from 2020 of a hard salary cap is 900 million rubles and the desire of the clubs to save money in a difficult economic situation.

CSKA will spend on the salaries of approximately 420 million rubles. less SKA — 300 million, «knight» — 230 million, «Spartacus» on 215 million, «the locomotive» and «Sochi» — 200 million, «torpedo» — 140 million, Moscow and Minsk «Dynamo» on the 110 and 95 million, «Severstal» — on 90 million rbl., and payment system of Riga decreased by symbolic 5-7 million rubles.

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