Girls of steampunk: nostalgia for a fictional past

Girls of steampunk: nostalgia for a fictional past

Steampunk is a fantastic stylized England or America the mid-nineteenth century with a strong industrial bias. Nowadays smartphones and electric cars, many find an outlet, dropping time in the age of steam, copper and fire and creating amazing costumes, combining Victorian and classical details of the mechanisms. (Caution! Nude)

The term «steampunk» is relatively new, as there was in 1987. Its author is a science fiction writer Kevin Jeter (Kevin Jeter) — a man with an incredible imagination that gave the world the storyline of the TV series «Star Trek», «Star Wars» and «Alien Nation». This man opened for us the doors to the incredible world of steam engines, airships, airplanes and armored clad in lace, leather and bronze brave heroes.

In addition, the ideas of Jeter, we can enjoy wonderful girls in costumes in the style of steampunk, which can be seen on fashionable cosplay parties and themed pages of magazines. Aren’t they beautiful?

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