Cherchesov said about the need to be illiterate and deaf

Cherchesov said about the need to be illiterate and deaf

According to the chief coach of the Russian team, these qualities are necessary not to go crazy. Stanislav Cherchesov believes that during matches at the stadium are «two retards» — the head coaches that only know nothing about football

Photo: Press service of the RFU

Coach the host of a major international tournament should have two mandatory qualities to be illiterate and deaf. Such opinion in interview «Match TV» expressed the coach of the Russian national football team Stanislav Cherchesov.

Russia was the mistress of the world championship on football-2018 and held for a year before the world championship of the Confederations Cup. In St. Petersburg will host four matches in Euro 2020 — three group stage and one quarterfinal.

According to cherchesova, to be illiterate and deaf have to «not read Newspapers and do not listen to outsiders». «If you’re going to read everything and listening to everyone, go crazy,» — says the head coach. «Only the eyes and the brain. The rest shut down,» he added.

The expert believes that during the match at the stadium are «two retards» — the main coach of the teams. «You may laugh, but this is so, — said Cherchesov. They only don’t know anything about football.»

Cherchesov became the head coach of Russian national team on 10 August 2016. Under his leadership, the team reached the quarter-finals of the world championship, beating in the group Saudi Arabia (5:0) and Egypt (3:1), and in the 1/8 finals of the Spanish national team (1:1, 4:3 — penalty series).

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