Russian pensioners came to the court disguised as a cane sword

the website of the Federal bailiff service in the Komi Republic

59-year-old resident of Ukhta in the Komi came in the judicial sector with a cane, which after examination were found hidden blade length 30 cm, reported on the website of the Federal bailiff service in the Republic.

A pensioner appeared in court to register the claim to the bailiff concerning payment of travel costs to the place of vacation and back. But on the frame at the entrance to the facility, he «squeaked». The guards for a long time did not understand what it is. They took his cane and carefully examined. She was knowledgeable, and inside was a sharp blade.

The man himself stated that this item was purchased for self defense, but weapons are not considered. But he still did not let go, to court and fined 500 rubles.


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