La Liga has offered to move the game of «Barcelona» and «real» because of the riots

La Liga has offered to move the game of «Barcelona» and «real» because of the riots

Game of the tenth round of the championship of Spain is scheduled to move from Barcelona to Madrid. The meeting will be held on October 26

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La Liga have asked for Barcelona and real Madrid to swap circles, according to AFP, the newspaper AS a portal It is expected that the first round match, scheduled for October 26, will be moved from Barcelona to Madrid. The game of the second round could be held on March 1, 2020 in the Catalan capital.

The proposal to postpone the match two of the most renowned Spanish teams due to security reasons. 26 October in Barcelona to be held an extended protest.

Unrest in Catalonia started after 14 October, the Supreme court of Spain sentenced to long terms nine local politicians who stand for secession of the Autonomous community of Catalonia from Spain. The rally developed into a riot, were held in several cities, including in Barcelona. Only the police arrested several dozen demonstrators, more than 70 protesters were injured.

Riots in Barcelona. Photos

«The first channel» declaredthat will broadcast the match Barcelona and real Madrid live. The broadcast begins on 26 October at 13:50 GMT.

After eight rounds, real Madrid leads the Spanish League, scored 18 points. Barcelona with 16 points is second.

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