«Gazprom» forcibly shut off of imported equipment via satellite. The company hopes to import substitution

«Gazprom» forcibly shut off of imported equipment via satellite. The company hopes to import substitution

Akishin Vyacheslav / Moscow-Live.ru

Gazprom became the first Russian company, faced with a new serious consequence of the sanctions against Russia for aggressive and disruptive foreign policy of the Kremlin. In the gas monopoly said on forced outage Austrian LMF compressors, which use satellite communications. This was stated by the head of the Department of N335 Pavel Krylov.

According to him, imported compressors now «are dead weight, not working still». «Remotely via satellite is disabled, just in scrap metal has become,» says the representative of «Gazprom», which 15 years ago was a symbol of «raw material superpower». In return, the foreign plans to buy mobile modular compressor station of the Russian production. A proposal already submitted to the Kazan company ZAO NPP «Compressor». It is noteworthy that the substitution of the Russian officials of the highest rank say in full voice at least 2014, when Russia began to impose sanctions. However, «Gazprom» has decided to go to the domestic development only now.

Deputy Chairman of the Board «Gazprom» Vitaly Markelov said that the economic performance of the equipment Kazan plant, according to the information provided, above, than at foreign. He added that the Russian sample may be taken to replace the installation of LMF.

Gazprom also said that two mobile compressor station production of LMF was disabled in 2012 in the course of pilot testing «at the facility subsidiaries». «In the process of testing the equipment was remotely disabled by the manufacturer to a potential Russian supplier took it back,» said the company. They added that at the initiative of «Gazprom» started the development of similar domestic equipment.

A source in the company told RBC that the compressors LMF in «Gazprom» not very much, but they play an important role. This equipment is used in mobile compressor plants repair of pipelines. «These compressors are needed to off gas by reducing the pressure in the tube, avoiding its atmospheric emissions and environmental damage. Their failure may hinder a quick repair of gas pipelines in case of accidents or planned maintenance: equipment requires replacement,» he said.

According to another close to «to Gazprom» the interlocutor, to remotely turn off the compressor and the like equipment from the satellite itself is the manufacturer. «Usually, when signing a service maintenance contract of compressors can produce remotely the fix of his work, disconnection is also possible. It is not excluded that the equipment is disconnected after the expiration of the service contract or warranty terms. And if it came under sanctions, the producer could not continue his service,» — said the source. According to him, «Gazprom» there are the old compressors American and Swiss production, or the risk of tripping is also possible.

«Without the compressor reduces the pressure in the gas network, the bandwidth also falls,» said another source close to «Gazprom». At compressor stations are stationary compressors, disabling them would be critical for pipelines, as a mobile — no, he added.

Compressor stations are used in the subsidiaries of OAO «Gazprom» since 2010, previously reported «Gazprom».

We would add that modern technologies theoretically allow you to «disable» is not only mission-critical equipment on separate Russian enterprises, but also the entire Russian economy from servicing the international financial system. So, the last few years serious concern among Russian officials is the prospect of losing the possibility of cooperation with the international system of interbank communications (SWIFT). It is connected to more than 11 thousand financial institutions in more than 200 countries. In Russia, the community counts more than 600 participants, including the Bank of Russia and the largest commercial banks. The Russian government recognizes that a substitute SWIFT to find it and failed.

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