Biden called the shame of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria carried out by trump

photo: Social networks

Candidate for the US presidency and former Vice-President Joe Biden believes that not take us troops out of Syria, as does the current President is Donald trump. He said this during a debate of presidential candidates from the Democratic party.

He said that they do not take «that extra thousand soldiers who are now in retreat and on which to shoot people (Syrian President Bashar) Assad.» The actions of the us leader Biden called shame.

Recall that trump October 7 reported that the United States has started withdrawal of troops from the North-Eastern part of Syria. On 13 October the head of the U.S. Department of defense mark Esper pointed out that the United States will withdraw approximately 1 thousand of servicemen from the territory of the Republic. The withdrawal is carried out on the background of the Turkish military operations in Syria conducted against the outlawed Turkey Kurdistan workers ‘ party and the «Islamic state» (is prohibited on the territory of the Russian terrorist organization).


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