The last place for ₽1.5 billion Why fired the head of «metallurg»

The last place for ₽1.5 billion Why fired the head of «metallurg»

One of the giants of the CHL «metallurg» Victor Rashnikov, changed the actual head — Gennady Velichkin was fired after 25 years at the club. Metallurg is third in the League in payroll — 1.5 billion rubles, but is bottom of the table

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The dismissal of Gennady Velichkin from the post of Vice-President of Magnitogorsk club of the Continental hockey League (KHL) metallurg caused by high financial costs that had not led to the expected sports results. About this RBC reported close to the club confirmed a source familiar with the situation source.


According to the source, the salary budget of the club for the current season is about RUB 1.5 billion and is the third in the League. More on the salaries of hockey players spend only SKA and CSKA — about 1.75 billion rubles, said a source close to the club.

In the offseason, «metallurg» held a large-scale work on the acquisition of membership by signing contracts with the defenders of the «new Jersey» and «AK Bars» Yegor Yakovlev and Paul Postmay, leading the attackers «Locomotive» Andrei Loktionov and Brandon Kosuna, leader of the «Sochi» by Eric O’dell. In total, the team appeared eight new players.


Many newcomers were offered large contracts. Yakovlev and Loktionov will receive for the current season for 95 million rubles. Kozun and O’dell for the 75 million rubles Postma was to earn 60 million rubles, but recently left the «metallurg». This is the sum of base contracts, without regard to team and individual bonuses, says the interlocutor of RBC familiar with the situation.

Another newcomer was striker Dmitri Bujnitski, which unlike the above players have never been in the leading position in the Minsk «Dynamo». 22-year-old hockey player played in the CHL 106 appearances and scored 13 goals and made six assists. This season he has not played a single game due to injury.

Bujnitski signed with metallurg three-year contract, which will receive 100 million roubles — 40 for the first season and 30 over the next two. He was in the status of a restricted free agent, meaning the club, having signed with it the agreement was to pay the Minsk compensation, which is calculated as follows: total amount of the contract divided by its duration.

«Metallurg» paid «Dynamo» about 33,3 million rubles. Thus, the player who earlier in his career in the NHL scored only 13 goals, cost «to the Metallurgist» in a cash consideration of 133,3 million rubles.

Average wages in the Magnitogorsk team is one of the highest in the NHL. For example, the defender of the middle level Ivan Vereshchagin has an annual salary of 50 million RUB Other player of defence, 33-year-old Evgeny Biryukov — 45 million RUB Their colleague role Alex Beregov — 55 million RUB Forward Evgeny Timkin, who this season scored no points — 55 million rubles.

At Metalurh plays the most expensive hockey player in the KHL Sergei mozyakin. This season, he will receive 180 million rubles In the five highest paid players in the League also includes defenseman Viktor Antipin — 125 million Main goalkeeper Vasily Koshechkin has a salary of 60 million rubles.

The contract amount of forward Nicholas Kulemina, who returned to Magnitogorsk from the NHL in 2018, is 95 million rubles. the Agreement on new terms was oversubscribed last summer. In the previous version of the contract, Kulemin earned 165 million difference in salary was transferred to the bonuses.


Spending club in stark contrast with the outcomes. The team just recently went from last place, but is still not included in the zone playoffs, occupying the penultimate place in the standings Eastern conference.

«Metallurg» after the third game changed the head coach, dismissing the Czech Josef Andace, although his dismissal arose even at the end of last season, in which metallurg was eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. In the end, the new coach was deprived of the opportunity to prepare the team for the season, to participate in breeding work.

After 10 games «metallurg» has terminated the contract with one of the newcomers — Postmay. Some other new players while also not disappointing. 18-year-old Junior Pavel Dorofeev scored three goals, which is more than the same with Loktionov as much as O’dell.

The mismatch cost with the expected results and led to the resignation Velichkin, who worked at the club since 1991 with a short break time activities in the NHL (2010-2012) and was considered in the hockey world, the «eternal» leader «metallurg». The club, headed Velichkin has won five national Championships, two Euroleague, European Cup and European super Cup.

RBC sent a request to the press service of «metallurg» with a request for comments indicated the reasons for the dismissal Velichkin.

Where is the money

The President of «metallurg» is Victor Rashnikov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Magnitogorsk metallurgical combine. With $8.9 billion it occupies 14-th place in the list of the richest businessmen of Russia Forbes.

The main owner of the club, according to SPARK, is a Public joint stock company «Magnitogorsk metallurgical combine». He owns a share of 34%. In turn, 84% of the stock mill owned by the Cypriot company Mintha Holding Limited, the ultimate beneficiary of which, according to «Vedomosti», is Rashnikov.

The share of club 33% are from a city administration of Magnitogorsk. Another 33% — CJSC «Hockey club «metallurg».

The net profit of the club for 2018 amounted to 3.5 million rubles.

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