The head of RUSADA recognized spoofing Moscow lab

The head of RUSADA recognized spoofing Moscow lab

According to Yuri Hanusa, information anti-doping laboratory, transferred to the experts of WADA in January 2019, have been changed to protect the reputation of the famous Russian athletes now working in government positions

Photo: Gabriel Grigorov/TASS

General Director of the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA) Yuri Hanus confirmed that the data of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory was changed before transmission to experts of the International anti-doping Agency (WADA). He stated this at a conference in Colorado, reports The New York Times.

Hanus believes that the Moscow laboratory has been tampered with in order to protect the reputation of the famous Russian athletes who are currently employed in the government or are high-ranking sports officials. According to the Director General of RUSADA, we are talking about thousands of changes in these doping tests of the athletes from Russia.

In addition, Hanus said that the ability to change the data of the Moscow lab might have only a person close to the Russian authorities. The head of RUSADA underlined, that says that in order for these actions is not affected by the current and future generation of Russian athletes.

«Russia is a country with a high level of development of sports, but the people who are responsible for this situation, chose the wrong path and the wrong approach,» said Hanus.

WADA suspected Russia of changing the data of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory in the middle of September. It is assumed that the information has been modified before transmitting to the experts of WADA.

In the international Agency launched a procedure inconsistencies RUSADA your code, giving the Russian side three weeks to explain the manipulation of data.

In October the Minister of sports of Russia Pavel Kolobkov saidthat Russia has provided WADA explanations on the situation with the database of the Moscow laboratory. According to him, Russian experts give explanations in the 31 issue addressed by the international Agency.

It is expected that WADA will make a decision on the status of RUSADA at the end of October. In that case, if the Russian Agency will be suspended Russian athletes may not allow for the summer Olympics 2020 in Tokyo, as well as other international competitions.

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