Lawyers said the father Khachaturian abused daughters

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

The lawyers of the accused in the murder of the father of the sisters Mari Davtyan, Aram Khachaturian, Alexei lipcer, Yaroslav Pakulin and Alexei Parshin, told RT how the father raised his daughters.

In the house, this time in England were forbidden to pronounce the word «salt», «pain», «com», numbers «6» and «8». Father every Sunday, attended Church, and took with them daughters, who were obliged and required to accompany him. Michael himself righteous, and was sure that any sin can be atoned.

Also Khachaturian’s always held it at itself call, which is often used, causing daughters and requiring them to follow orders. «Sleep is the girls’ mother and daughter could only command Khachaturian,» he told lawyers.

If the concert didn’t like the behavior of the daughters, he resorted to «fist violence». So often Michael gets daughters the butt of the gun on the head, sometimes he shot the daughters of airguns.


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