In Germany found a laboratory where to put the «monstrous» experiments on animals

В Германии найдена лаборатория, где ставили «чудовищные» опыты на животных
photo: a frame from the video

The German organisation for the protection of animals found that in the laboratory of pharmacology and toxicology, near Hamburg was conducted cruel experiments on animals, reports the Daily Mail.

Thus, monkeys were attached to the wall by the neck metal straps, the dog was found bloody, and the cat with the paws without fur. All animals were kept in cramped cages. It is noted that the laboratory has carried out tests of medications for the presence of contraindications and negative effects to the body. In the lab worked for some time, one of the activists, who witnessed the cruel treatment of animals.

The monkeys on the chest was painted rooms, stuffing their mouths tube, through which was given the drugs. Cats also do up to 13 injections per day, from which they suffered. The activists reported the incident to the police, who launched an investigation.

The publication notes that in the laboratory, animals forced to consume doses of substances to measure toxicity, which caused vomiting, loss of organs, respiratory diseases, fever and other problems. Now activists are demanding the revocation of the license for testing of drugs on animals and tougher laws for cruelty to them.


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