The IMF predicts a slowdown of economic growth in almost all countries

Kristalina Georgieva

IMF / Twitter

The international monetary Fund (IMF) predicted a slowdown in growth almost 90% of the countries in the world in 2019 they will be the lowest since the beginning of the decade. About it as transfers TASS, said in Washington on Tuesday, the managing Director of the IMF Kristalina Georgieva (full text of the speech Georgieva on the IMF website). In late September, the IMF Executive Board approved her head of financial institutions for five years.

The situation, warns the head of the organization, can lead to a «violation of the marketing chains, various trade sectors and «digital Berlin wall» that would force countries to choose between technological systems.» Such problems emphasizes Georgieva, can «last a generation».

She recalled that «two years ago the world economy was in a synchronized economic recovery,» and, in terms of GDP, economic growth 75% of the world has accelerated. But now, according to Georgieva, the world economy was slowing down.

«The world economy is now in a synchronized slowdown. This widespread decline means that economic growth this year will fall to its lowest level since the beginning of the decade,» he said during his first speech as head of the Fund.

Next week the IMF will publish a new forecast-analytical report on the status and immediate prospects of the world economy, which, as promised Georgieva, «will contain adjustments in 2019 and 2020 downward» growth of the world economy.

According to the IMF, «if there is a major economic downturn, corporate debt under the threat of default will increase to 19 trillion, or nearly 40% of the total debt in the eight largest economies.» «This is above levels observed during the [last] financial crisis,» said Georgieva. We are talking about the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, China, USA, France and Japan.

The head of the IMF stressed the need for «a coordinated response in the public sector», if «the fall in the rate of growth of the world economy will be much greater than expected.»

«Let me be clear. We are not in such a situation,» added Georgieva. In her words, «international cooperation can be used in mutually beneficial purposes»

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