Solar Eilat is located on the Eastern coast of the red sea in the heart of the desert. All year round tourists from all corners of the world come here for an unforgettable experience.

Nature has created all conditions for this: intricate coral reefs and smoky purple mountains, like silent guards surrounding the Bay. All this makes Eilat is like a fairyland, where year-round warm and Sunny.

Indeed, 359 days out of 365 days in Eilat, basking in the rays of the sun. The climate in Eilat, compared to other Israeli cities, the driest. The humidity is around 20-30% in the summer air temperature warms up to 45°C. All this makes Eilat into a recognized leisure centre — it was winter in the city the significant influx of tourists, both from abroad and from Israel.

The Gulf of Eilat is the continuation of the Kingdom of coral reefs, stretching from the tropics. These tiny organisms live in colonies, tightly adhering to each other. After their death, remain calcareous skeletons, which after thousands of years and turn into reefs. The presence of these coral reefs due to the favorable geographical location of the Bay is surrounded by a wall of mountains, and behind them — the heat of the desert, in view of the high volatility, the Gulf concentrates a high percentage of salts. It all becomes a favorable environment for corals.

The temperature of the water in the Bay does not drop below 22 degrees, and the presence of the enchanting and diverse coral reefs located close to shore, justify the expectations of all fans to observe life of the underwater world. Especially worth noting is the clarity of the water. In 1966, the entire coast of Eilat became protected as a nature reserve, and the city became a major resort center.

In length of Eilat (or Aqaba) Gulf stretches for 175 kilometres and its width ranges from 13 to 26 kilometers, and in the Northern part, where is located the city of Eilat, the Gulf extends for no more than 5 kilometers. The maximum depths of 1.2 km. From a geological point of view, the Red sea, still quite young, his education is the time when was formed the Great Syrian-East African cleft.

The tourist business is an impressive part of the city’s economy. Many hotels of all classes, various cafes, restaurants, pubs, night clubs and other entertainment venues attract tourists all year round.

In addition, Eilat is a duty-free zone.

The city has a sea port that accepts various types of vessels including oil tankers for them in Eilat a specialized Doc. Also in the heart of Eilat, the airport is located, however, by 2014 he will be moved by 20 km in Northern direction from the city.

From Europe Eilat hotel is a four-hour flight and half an hour from tel Aviv. All areas of Israel are also linked with Eilat by bus messages.

As to the culture of the city, in Eilat, is the Maritime Museum where you can see all of the marine world. Underwater Observatory of the Museum goes to a depth of 10 meters. Also in Eilat is a famous Park attraction, kings city, which fell of old Testament history.

In August 2012, in Eilat was built ice Palace, thanks to which tourists can go ice skating or play in the snow even in unpleasant heat.

It is worth mentioning that in Eilat was opened three-dimensional cinema, in the lobby which always works exhibition of wax figures. This theater running in the popular IMAX format, was the first of its kind in the country.

Founded: 1951
Size: 84,789 miles2
Population: 50,724 people (2018)
Currency: Israeli new shekel
Language: Hebrew
Of.website: http://www.eilat.muni.il
Flight time:
from Moscow — 4 hours 45 min.
from St. Petersburg — from 5 hours 15 min.
from Kazan from 13 hours and 25 minutes (2-3 transplants)
from Ekaterinburg — 12 hours 20 min (1-2 change)
from Novosibirsk — 14 hours 20 min (2-3 transplants)

The current time in Eilat:


(UTC +2)

Course: ILS = 18.03RUB

In Eilat is easy and a pleasure to relax even experienced music-lovers: in this fabulous city are the two largest music festival. Almost every winter a festival of international level «Classics on Red sea», and the last week of August turns into a four-day festival «jazz on the Red sea.»


How to get

From Moscow, St. Petersburg and sometimes other major Russian cities in the Eilat airport are Charter flights (e.g. airlines Airlines Wim). In addition, regular status with a stopover in tel-Aviv flights Moscow — Eilat airlines ElAl and IsrAir. From Saint Petersburg, flying directly to Russia and, interestingly, Aeroflot.

Also from Russia you can fly to the airport Ovda, located 60 kilometers from Eilat. Flights from this airport are operated by airlines Wim Airlines and Aeroflot. Also in high season from St. Petersburg raised the Charter Russian airlines.

How to get to Eilat from tel Aviv and Jerusalem

To get to Eilat from tel Aviv or Jerusalem in any convenient way for you. For those who are used to save time, the ideal would be a flight on a plane. Fans of slow, but as a travel destination are encouraged to take the bus. And for the very independent travelers possible option to rent a car.

Of course, the fastest way to get from tel Aviv to Eilat is the plane — the flight takes just over an hour.

From tel Aviv to Eilat can be reached using the services of airlines «Arkia» or «Airlines of Israel». Ticket prices are reduced if you buy them, that is, «at the last moment» or if you book tickets for a group of people. Naturally, the ticket price is also affected by the tourist season.

An advantage can be called and the location of the airport in Eilat — it is literally in the heart of the resort. However, the authorities promise to close it by 2014, to replace him comes a new airport, which will be located 20 kilometers from the city. In addition, arriving at the resort, tourists can use services of the airport Ovda, located 60 kilometers from Eilat.

The best option of travel to Israel will be measured and leisurely bus ride. The only way you will be able to enjoy the amazing beauty of this ancient and sacred land. Fortunately, modern comfortable buses are equipped with everything necessary for the trip. The distance from tel Aviv to Eilat is about 370 miles, this bus trip will take you about five hours.

The most popular company operating bus services this route — «egged«. Per day done a total of 9 flights from tel Aviv to Eilat, bus lines 390 and 394.
If you want to get to Eilat from Jerusalem, then you will need bus number 444, the same company’s.

In General, bus service in Israel — the most popular way to travel. Bus station in Israel function as directly to the bus station and shopping centre. They are called «the Tahan Merkazit», in Hebrew it means «Central bus station». At such stations it is possible not only to wait for the bus, but to dine in the restaurant, to go to the store or even get a haircut in a barbershop. Last service, by the way, is offered to all who were waiting for their flight at the station «New» in tel Aviv, also in this city there’s another station — «the North». The Central bus station of Jerusalem, located by the Western entrance to the city.

In addition to the transport of the cooperative, «egged», Israel transportation is performed by «Dan» and «Kavim».

If you’re going to get to Eilat from tel Aviv or Jerusalem by bus, it is important to know the fact: all the festivals and Shabbat the buses in Israel do not go. The only exceptions are domestic flights to Eilat.

Of course, the ideal option would be to travel to Eilat by train, in comfortable double-Decker carriages for Russian travelers in wonder. But, unfortunately, today it is impossible. Israeli Railways have not laid their track to Eilat. The authorities claim that the situation will change by 2017, this is the time they expect to complete construction of a new railway line Med-Red. It will be held from the Mediterranean to the red, so travellers can take the train from tel Aviv to Eilat just for a couple of hours. Naturally, this will increase the mobility of tourists who want to vacation in the most beautiful coral reefs in the Red sea.

If you are not satisfied with the bus schedule or unacceptable travel by plane, then you can consider another option to travel to Eilat from tel Aviv or Jerusalem: to rent a car. You can do it only if you have international driving license and driving experience in the amount of more than 2 years and age not less than 21 years old (however, some companies only serve customers aged 24 years). From the documents you will require license and credit card. A feature of the Israeli rules of the road can be called the fact that road markings and traffic lights there are for each lane individually. The quality of Israeli roads perfect, that will bring a special treat to motorists.

When you find yourself in Eilat, do not be surprised that in the city you will find no traffic lights. They are simply not there: in such a radical way, the government decided to liberate the city from traffic jams and reduce the number of urban accidents. Traffic lights in Eilat replace the ring.

How to get to Eilat from Egypt

Another way to get to Eilat, but at the same time and enjoy the views is to use the ferry service between Israel and Egypt.



As for the history of Eilat, we know that this city exists from the time of king Solomon. On the site of modern Eilat before there were those «king Solomon’s mines» — a rich copper mine. Despite the fact that the main attractions of Israel were concentrated in Jerusalem, Eilat certainly deserves special attention.

Before becoming Eilat, the city experienced many events Roman rule (in this period the settlement was a military garrison), attack of the crusaders and the Ottoman Turks. Everyone wanted to acquire such a unique strategic settlement. As a result, by 1948 the Eilat was in the hands of the Arabs and was called Umm Rashrash. He was only a military post, but in 1949 Israel had conquered this part of the territory and began to invest money in the development of the city. Of key importance was the victory highway, which connected the city with Northern and Central districts of an independent country. The status of the city of Eilat has received recently — in 1959.


Climate and weather in Eilat

Weather forecast

+20 … +33°C


NW, 4 m/s

+18 … +27°C


NW, 4 m/s

+20 … +27°C


s, 2 m/s

+17 … +29°C


ne, 6 m/s

+17 … +29°C


SV, 4 m/s

+17 … +29°C


s, 4 m/s

Weather in Eilat for 10 and 14 days on the «Weather.Turister.Ru»

Weather in Eilat by months

day, °C
by night, °C
water, °C
The number
precipitation, mm
January 21 10 22 4
February 22 11 22 6
March 26 14 21 4
April 31 18 22 2
May 35 22 24 1
June 39 24 24 0
July 40 26 25 0
August 40 26 25 0
September 37 25 27 0
October 33 21 26 4
November 27 16 25 4
December 22 11 25 6


Reviews by months















Such a popular resort, Eilat, with many tourists from different countries, can’t do without transport messages. In the city there are buses and taxis you can also take a car for rent in one of the many international car rental companies. You can also go on a short pleasure cruise on a speedboat to admire the breathtaking views of the coastline of the three countries, and also not less magnificent coral reefs during these cruises includes stops for snorkeling.

You also need to remember the Sabbath, when the movement had some difficulty due to the prohibition to the Jews to work on Saturdays. However, as the city is still a tourist here is not all profess Judaism (14% of the population is not Jewish), so that particular problem is to create not be. Read more about the movement at this popular resort, see the article «Transport in Eilat«.


Photos Of Eilat

All photos


What to see in Eilat

Curious tourists after a trip to Eilat is characterized not only with Sunny beaches and relax by the water, but also a unique historical monuments: Park Timna (or copper mines, the ones that belonged to king Solomon); a unique ornithological centre; underwater Observatory and many others. To visit Eilat and do not see these sights with my own eyes, perhaps, too lightly.

Let’s start with the attractions that you can see without leaving the city limits. This is the famous «kings City«amusement Park, more like a Royal Palace.

The water in the Gulf of Eilat is so transparent that it is possible to observe life of the underwater world without scuba gear, so be sure to visit the number one attraction: the underwater Observatory, which works here since 1975.

Timna Park is one of the most famous landmarks of the city. It is home to ancient copper mines, which are more than 6 thousand years. The Park in the arava desert, approximately 25 kilometers North of Eilat.

Not less interesting national Park and the fortress of Masada, which is located on the Western coast of the Dead sea, 18 kilometers South of Ein Gedi and 12 kilometers from Ein Bokek.

Another unique place that you must see, is the ornithological centre. This holiday will bring not only fun, but good to see with my own eyes so many unique species of birds within the reserve which rarely fails.

Of course, speaking of the attractions of Eilat, not to mention the reserve Hai Bar, which is located 35 kilometers North of the city.

On the territory of the reserve you can see animals and birds, only about 50 species of animals, mention of which can be found in the Bible.

Dolphin reef is a unique attraction and, concurrently, the reserve. Visitors can not only observe the life of dolphins, but to swim and play with them and take pictures.

One of the greatest natural attractions of Israel is the Negev desert. It takes approximately 60% of the whole territory of the country and lies within the triangle Ashkelon — Eilat — Jerusalem.


Where to go in Eilat

11 tourists were here
Near the Israeli town of Arad on the trapezoidal plateau one of the rocks of the Judean desert towers…

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One of the greatest natural attractions of Israel – is the Negev desert. It takes approximately 60% of the total

A unique place that should definitely visit, is the ornithological centre. This holiday will bring not only pleasure,…

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Red canyon on google-panoramically canyon of Eilat on video

All the attractions of Eilat

Places of interest in Eilat


Where to eat and drink


Parks and recreation




Private guides in Eilat

More details to Eilat will help you to see Russian private guides.
The project Experts.Turister.Ru was registered 2 Russian tour guide and company in Eilat.

The company «Booking-tours»
40 of the city’s

Galina Basin
8 tours


What to do


Snepling — kind family vacation with an emphasis on extreme. If a measured journey through the Israeli desert seem too boring, then you should try snepling. In fact, it is — canyoning, that is the journey through the gorges of the mountains, which combines the elements of mountaineering and camping.

A group of willing under the guidance of an experienced instructor, to conquer the mountain gorge, which is near Eilat a great many. The unique geographical features of this area make it such a popular game for all fans of extreme rest. Here in Israel, for the locals it’s the perfect way to relax with the whole family and to improve health.

The level at which you are going to conquer the slopes and peaks of the sacred lands must be taken into account as a newcomer will never send a difficult route, while experienced climbers will not get bored because the instructors will select routes for their level.

One of the most popular canyons where tourists are snepling Rahaf. It is close to the fortress of Masada, so you can, for example, to spend the night at the foot of the fortress before heading for the slopes. Here is the many convenient routes and light paths that will be under the force of novice climbers. This is perfect if you plan to do snepling with the children.

No less popular is another tourist route passing through the canyon of Ein Bokek. It starts near the hotels and ends in the middle of the oasis waterfall, where there is the opportunity to swim.
More difficult route you will find in the canyon of Nahal Og, his love to the extreme, with very dangerous stairs and slopes. This route novice snepling to overpower it would be very difficult, especially it is not recommended to let the children go without insurance.

Another way — Nahal Samar. He will overcome 400 metres from the highest point of the canyon and ending with the shores of the Dead sea. This option is ideal for both beginners and for those who wish to hone the technique of climbing on the rocks.

Thus, snepling is not only an opportunity to test yourself and your strength, but also to enjoy the amazing natural scenery. Every trip is not only exhausting climbing, but halts in picturesque places: offers enchanting mountain waterfalls and green oases.

The level of training is not so important because the master snepling you will always help of a professional instructor, which will never send the beginner is very heavy for his route.

Fishing in Eilat

Relax in Eilat in different ways: lie on the beach, visit some informative tour or go to a night club. But were you ever on a real sea fishing? If not, then don’t miss your chance to try their hand at catching that fish, which is so persistently hunted the old man Santiago, the protagonist of the novel «the old Man and the sea». We are talking about the Marlin, the fish giant that can reach a length of 4 meters and a weight to reach 600 pounds.

To go fishing in Eilat you can choose from several options to fish from shore, from a boat or boats. The fishing season is from early may to the end of December.

The most important thing is to agree in advance with those who will help you arrange fishing. The Gulf of Eilat is considered to be a reserve, so fishing in the sea is possible only in the appointed places. For the ignorance of these places you could face a fine of 600 shekels for the first time and much higher in the future. And this, of course, greatly spoil the impression of your favorite classes. So do not take risks with money or reputation as a respectable tourist, and rent a boat.

As a rule, deep-sea fishing takes 4 hours. The cost you pay for the lease of the vessel will also include the cost of all necessary gear and soft drinks. If you plan to eat, the cost of food is charged extra per person.

Caught fish can be released back into the sea, or to try to pass to a restaurant, Marlin is considered a delicacy. However, today most of the fishermen advocate humane fishing, releasing the prey. After all, there is no guarantee that the restaurant will agree to take from the hands of the fish, and the extra hassle for the benefit of the rest did not go.

If you are more attracted to fishing from the shore, all the necessary gear you will need to bring or rent somewhere else, as the organizers of this type of fishing tackle is not provided. The price tag they are significantly lower than those who propose to fish from a boat or boats. However, the catch from shore, according to local fishermen, not so Royal. Although the chance to catch a tuna or Barracuda is always there.

Horse riding, camel trekking, and Cycling

In the North of Israel in the tiny hamlet of Cold is Rancho Kalil. This area will offer you fascinating review on the slopes of the Golan heights, namely on the North-Western part. The ranch offers an amazing tour for the whole family in Northern Israel, which you remember as magical and fairy land. In addition, this horseback riding will make memorable any day, especially a holiday.

Walks are not only for families with children but also for couples or groups of friends. The endless expanse of mountains, rivers, fields and natural pools, fascinating, and fresh air filled with new energy. It is truly a perfect vacation for all, from small to large. Children will come into it — because they will be able to travel on a cute little pony.

In addition to sightseeing, horse riding, or ranch can offer you the school of professional riding. Special tracks for learning, and experienced instructors will help you learn the basics of riding.

If you want to eat on site you will find a bar and a cafeteria. Also there is a handy car Park and toilets.

«Merkavah a-Jordan» offer cart tours in Northern Israel near the Jordan river. Wishing waiting on special carriages drawn by beautiful and well-groomed horses. In the way the guide will tell you stories and sing fun songs.

Camel rides can be quite near Eilat — on the camel farm. She has been working for more than 20 years, offering tourists Hiking in the red, the mesmerizing desert scenery. The farm is about 40 camels, trained to drive. They will delight you with a fascinating travelling to the sacred land.

For those who prefer a more active vacation, a must-have item should become a Cycling trip. Interesting places to ride in the vicinity of Eilat abound. Most of the route is already laid at the Sodom mountain, where it will be interesting to ride both professionals and Amateurs. In addition, there are separate Cycling tracks, especially for women and for men.

But Cycling without the extreme in Israel are also possible — go to kibbutz Kalia. From there will start the Cycling trip in the Judean desert, always accompanied by an experienced instructor. Possible a solo trip near the settlement. Bicycles in this case are available for rent.

Nightlife of Eilat

One of the most famous Nightclubs not only Eilat, but throughout Israel is undoubtedly a «Penthouse«. It is located in Beit Almog, on the entrance to the city.

The oldest club in Eilat is «platinum«, it is on the roof of the hotel «King Solomon» and also works as a bar and grill. The club is famous not only for his love of the atmosphere of the 80s in which it was opened, but a very hospitable atmosphere.

Gorgeous Eilat disco bar «Elixir«, located in the hotel «Princess», opens its doors to all lovers of quality music, and on Thursdays and Fridays special program: the ears of the lovers of the night delight with famous DJs.

On one of the roofs of Eilat is a popular bar «view«, which means «Review», and the name he reason is that a decent height you will discover an incredible breathtaking view of the city.

One of the new clubs in Eilat — «Touch» — is located near the coast. The terrace club offers a great view of the Bay.


Communication in Eilat

Grimson — simkarty and innovative breakthrough in the world of communication. The uniqueness of Sims lies in its lack of belonging to a particular operator and, consequently, lower the cost of communication: Dimsim working in 197 countries and automatically connects to local operators.
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To monitor and replenish the balance by using free mobile applications both in manual and in automatic mode.
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To buy a SIM card


Security in Eilat

The level of security in Eilat is very high. The Israeli authorities are very responsible approach to the subject, providing a reliable protection of not only local residents but also to all tourists.

Boundaries — both naval and land, vigilantly guarded by military forces doubled, so that nothing could disrupt the peace of people relaxing.

Travel for locals and tourists in the country is also extremely safe. Bulletproof glass installed in all long-distance passenger buses, and from Jerusalem, some places the road is fenced off with special concrete wall, the height of which guarantees the protection from possible fire of the cars from the settlements of the Arabs.

In addition, a stationary block-posts were also built at the crossroads of all major roads. Here after dark, the duty goes to the post. All military service (young people and women), during the Shabbat of weapons do not shoot and go home with guns blazing.

In small towns in Israel, every apartment is equipped with a «safe room», the Windows of which consist of multiple glass panes and closes the room is a metal door with seal. In this room a small family within a few hours of hiding, waiting out the gas attack. In the cellars of such houses always enough fresh food and water for an emergency.

Every hotel in the resort city also cares about the safety of its guests: on-site security cameras are located, fixing what is happening, and professional security, which at any moment ready to render aid or assistance.

In addition, as we learned from the Israeli air force, Eilat, as enhanced security measures will be included in a missile defense system called «Iron dome.» This system was specifically designed to intercept and destroy missiles aimed at the town. It is known that it is already well-proven on the border near the Gaza strip, which was posted earlier.

All these measures are designed to ensure the safety of not only the residents of Eilat, but also to all guests who wish to relax on the fabulous red sea coast.


Where to stay in Eilat

Company Booking.com offers for booking more than 470 hotels in Eilat.
You can choose a hotel using a variety of filters: the star hotel, type of hotel (hotel, apartment, Villa, hostel, etc.), cost, location, scores of people visited the hotel, the presence of Wi-Fi and more. Go to service selection and booking of hotel in Eilat.

Last booked hotels in Eilat

In addition to traditional hotels featured above, you can rent apartments in Eilat, it can be convenient for certain categories of tourists – families with multiple children who prefer to cook themselves and so on.

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