«Angels of death» is: photos of prostitutes from Nigeria, where AIDS is claiming 10 million lives a year

«Angels of death» is: photos of prostitutes from Nigeria, where AIDS is claiming 10 million lives a year

According to last year’s research Iranian Journal of Public Health among the adult population of Nigeria infected with HIV or AIDS 4.1 percent of people. At the beginning of 2000-x years, that number was 5% — it managed to reduce through investment and educational programs. The fight against the epidemic is complicated by the fact that the country’s negative attitude towards condoms and a quarter of sex workers of Nigeria infected with HIV.

The Dutch photographer Ton Cohen made a series of pictures with women from the brothels of Lagos, living in squalid conditions.

Some girls start to work in brothels from the age of 14.

They take up to five customers a day.

One customer pays 2 to $ 5.

The photos were taken in Lagos — the largest city of Nigeria with a population of about 13 million people. The number of HIV-infected residents of the city is estimated at 1.2 million. The driver of the photographer quipped that if you come into the city by car, you can smell in the air, the smell of the virus.

The poster encourages the use of condoms.

Three years ago the researchers Journal of the International AIDS Society found the prevalence of HIV infection among sex workers Nigeria — it was 24.3%.

Research 2016, has shown that women are often unable to ask the husband or partner to wear a condom, and they don’t expect women desire to be protected.

One of the interviewed women, 28-year-old marketing specialist, explained:

«The problem is that you can’t even propose to my boyfriend to use this thing. This is how to accuse him that he sleeps with everyone, or admit that you’re not sure. Any of the options can destroy relationships and put you on a bad name».

Only one Respondent replied that ever bought a condom for your partner. The other women did not want their parents or husbands to see them with condoms.

42-year-old father of three told the pollsters:

«Any woman (including my wife), which will propose to the husband to protect themselves or buy condoms herself, you need to ask. In short, it must be seriously punished».











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