Shkodra is one of the oldest trading cities of Europe, of the age of the Eternal City. It is situated on the picturesque shore of Skadar lake, considered the largest in the Balkans. Waterways two rivers Drina and Bruna, flowing into the lake, bring together the most important trade ways, therefore, at all times, the city enjoyed a favorable economic situation.

In the III century BC it became the capital of the Illyrian Kingdom, but in the following century, like many cities of Albania, changing their rulers and even the name: Scodra, skutari, shkodër, shkodër… Changing its appearance: the Illyrian ruins and ancient Roman monuments are giving way to the Ottoman, and they, in turn, collapse under the onslaught of a new era. But the city has not lost its unique charm, geniality and tranquility, Majesty and a secret power. Be sure to visit this city! The maze of streets, old houses, temples and a mosque, ancient fortress and bridges, museums and, of course, a national Park and Skadar lakewill remain in memory for a long time.

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The Rozafa castle — abandoned castle, situated on a high hill on the southern edge of the Northern Albanian…

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