Sex-revolution in the style of the 90s: 9 the most explicit videos of those years

Sex-revolution in the style of the 90s: 9 the most explicit videos of those years

We all remember the hits of the 90s Playboy Natalia the Saltykov and «Sex without a break» from «Bachelor party». You will be surprised, but the clips on these songs are fairly innocent. In comparison with the fact that early in his career filmed delicate Angelica Varum and even Roksana Babayan.

Angelika Varum — Vavilon (1993)

In the clip, innocent song about the city of dreams fully Nude girl resting on a nudist beach, and 24-year-old Angelica is dancing in a transparent dress without underwear. The author of the video was Dmitry Meskhiev. Now he is a famous film Director and producer, known for the films «Battalion» and «Their». Interestingly, the existence of this movie until recently didn’t even Leonid Agutin, Varum husband. The clip was too rowdy, even for the dashing 90’s, and didn’t show it on TV.

Revolvers — «You at me one» (2000)

Remember, these guys were singing about a kitten? And for the song «You have only one» even received the «Golden gramophone». In the clip show the real sex and the female breast.

«On-On» — «Faina» (1992)

Abandoned wife of actor Stanislav Sadalsky in his bachelor dreams is trash orgies with participation of young and hot guys «on-On». Have orgies were two: the full version showed a few times on music channels, after which teleremote requested to hire a censored version of the video. In the end, the version of the video, where soloists of the group depict a sexual act on camera, leaked in 2012.

Irina Saltykova «Grey eyes» (1995)

The author of the first of the megahit Saltykova was the composer Oleg Molchanov is the author of Playboy Natalia the Saltykov. The similarity Saltykova with his rival in the clip is obvious, but Irina, repeating parts of the image and music of Vetlitskaya, decided to go even further. In the «Gray eyes» — and the chains, and references to gay BDSM, and the famous scene with the cocktail between the legs in the second minute.

Irina Allegrova — «Come with me» (1995)

The year 1995 was for Allegrova special: the singer first became a grandmother and released the erotic video about «wet dreams». The clip was directed by Tigran Keosayan, and the author of songs of Igor Nikolaev, who apparently was inspired by the hit Justify My Love Madonna.

In the first half of the clip, there is nothing interesting: Allegrova in a coat walks around the Museum, where around every corner waiting for her slippery kind of guide with a mustache and a phallic symbol in the form of a pointer. Starting from the second minute of the paintings and statues come to life, and the sexy tour guide gets shocked. Next comes the Kingdom of the flesh, sweat, same-sex and interracial relationships.

Roksana Babayan — «East — a delicate matter» (1992)

I bet you’ve already forgotten about the existence of such a singer, and clips Babayan probably haven’t seen at all. Clip-cartoon song about the East for us, too, was a surprise, but watch the video worth it. This is not Princess Jasmine in an embrace with a tiger — in this video, all grown‑up.

Chris Kelmi — «Night Rendezvous» (1989)

The song played on the radio so far, but few of the audience understand what really sings kelmi. After watching the clip it becomes clear what kind of rendezvous going on. Languid girls, the voice on the side, bored on the leather sofas beauties, a late dinner in the hotel interiors and morning sex on the crumpled sheets.

Boris Moiseev — «the Child of defect» (1995)

Moses sang about love in a dress long before Conchita Wurst shook Europe to its way. In the 90s with him on stage and in music videos were girls Larisa and Lyudmila together artists presented vocal and dance trio «Expression». Of expression in the works of the mosaic was missing, of course, for the eyes.

Valery Leontiev — «Island fun women» (1992)

We could not include in a compilation of this video, although the video is a concert recording, not video. On stage Leontiev in leather pants singing about women who want to barbecue it. «Stop, girl» — over and over again in the song called the artist. And doing it with such expression, as if he has everything.

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