Prostitution in the eighteenth century: prostitutes caught in a «harrisonesque list»

Prostitution in the eighteenth century: prostitutes caught in a «harrisonesque list»

No wonder they say that prostitution is the oldest profession, because it originates from the time of Sumer and Babylon. But to reach the depths of history we will not, and will better tell you about the prostitutes of the eighteenth century.

Most vividly described them in its annual anthology of Irish author Samuel derrick. Read and enjoy!

In 1757, Samuel derrick was on the verge of ruin. Realizing that in Dublin he did not Shine, he moved to London to become a great actor and a playwright, and a great poet that desperate to become Irish too. However, he became famous only posthumously, and the glory this was a clear smell. It is the derrick Okolow for thirty years published the «Harrisonesque list of Covent gardensketch lady», but simply put, the annual anthology of prostitutes with pictures and a detailed description of what could these ladies and how much did that cost the average gentleman seeking entertainment in their arms.

The list was called «harrisson», since Harris called the main pimp of Covent garden, who was the first to distribute such lists. However, the jaunty feather derrick gave liveliness to the dull-physiological lists Harris, diluted with poetry and jokes, and as a result, each year sold at least 8-10 thousand copies of the list.

Enjoy the refined style of Samuel derrick and you.

Betsy miles, beside a cabinetmaker at old street, Clerkenwell

Throughout the County it is primarily famous for the incredible size of the Breasts, with which she operated as smartly as with the rest of his limbs, — to the delight of lovers of pleasure of a certain kind. We can say that it takes in any form — both the front and rear and does it with equal hunting. Moreover, the calls behind it does not preclude, but, on the contrary, in her own words, considers it one of the nicest entertainment.

Demand from foreign motes, after all, if entrance from the front is quite bearable, for permission to go back you have to put at least two pounds. And as more neither in its appearance nor in the figure there is nothing remarkable, then leave it behind for the pleasures of the masters with a southern temperament.

Miss LOR with the number six on Church street, beside the Church of St. Anne in SOHO

As you know, the religion of the Jews does not allow them to eat pork or to share the fun with Christians. How and this lady simply in the exercise of their faith, to say we can’t, but we do know that she has nothing against relations with Christians and even the Sabbath are ready to open the doors of his love of the synagogue, Jew, Turk or infidel, if they deign to look at the address stated above.

This charming Jewess rejected his fellow Levites for the sake of a Christian who gave her evidence of his deep faith, Vasilevskii on her action that she never stops to bow to the new religion. This girl is extremely playful by nature, dark-haired, dark-eyed, has bad teeth, a hooked nose and a fresh glow. The growth of it is low, and the look has preiswerteste.

Sally Robinson, Maiden-Lane

The origin of this girls pretty dark, but we do know that she was selling sausages on the streets, as long as the illustrious Mrs. Cole did not bargain for thirty guineas of her girlhood, which she has generously allocated Sally five shillings to cure a bad disease, which awarded her the bidder of innocence. The girl she is tall and stout, however the face is quite pleasant and manners knows, but the devil’s greed eclipses all its attractive sides.

Miss Godf-and number 22 on the upper Newman-street

Manners of this lady — like habit of the boatswain, and she was vociferous voice is thunderous. The girl it is pleasant and lively disposition, twenty-two years old, loves to dance. Hair and her eyes are dark, folded it perfectly and the bed is amazingly accommodating.

From brandy will not give up, and she is not averse to a drink and posturologie, and sometimes, even though it rarely happens, can let his fists. We believe that this lady can make happiness some army officers, as will save him from having to give commands. She lives on the second floor.

Mrs. Baie-d, room 17 Salisbury street, strand

The gentleman who decides to take the lady to the content, often not so much pelmets her spell, it gives a fad. However, in the present case, the enchantment of ladies decisively at anything, because to boast about it especially there is nothing, and we are even willing to sign in their blindness, because they do not see anything attractive in it. She’s Grenadier growth, has false eyes, her nose too flat, but the smile is good, and she laughs very often; her petticoats very short. We don’t know if she swaps his favours for money or she is driven by only love, however, we do know that not one K. H. had the good fortune to share with her voluptuous pleasures, in which she is a great craftswoman.

Sister, miss B-EN and miss With it, number 7 windmill street, Rathbone place

Miss B. tall, slender, dark face. Her sister, miss C., full body, blond and keeps to himself a certain musician who from time to time visited her on a couple of songs. Those ladies are already quite thirty, however on cold winter evenings they may well entertain those who are not especially scrupulous in his thirst for the beautiful. Both sisters are illiterate and prone to excessive profanity, but according to rumors, they have no equal in handling the rods. These slutty girls don’t have set prices. However, here half guineas would be enough.

Jenny Nelson, St. Martins Lane

Excellent, smart girl, good at table conversation, but especially fun and playful in bed. There are few as generous whores as it is: often it returns money especially loved by her man. However, drinks like a fish, and this skill much lost it.

Mrs. Br-KS, Newman-street, near the offices of the lender

A well-bred lady, probably twenty-three, and also very resourceful, as evidenced by her eyes, which look in both directions at once. However, well she is badly built, and its outstanding and perfectly rounded breast crease under the arm. All of it burns and breathes a genuine desire and therefore the pleasure of all your senses not long to wait. She keeps the whole house, and every gentleman who has in his possession a Bank card, get a pass into her Holy of holies.

Mistress X-rington, Newman-street

The person is very sophisticated, occupies the second floor, in favor she is acquired several noble lords. Knock twice, and this lady will not hesitate to appear, and if favorable it will look to you answer, it will not slow down dear way to transmit to you superb to the couch, where it will allow you to overlook her pleasure garden, where lovely curls hid Kapitonova font.

From you she expects the same of reciprocity, and therefore will have to show her your gifts of nature. If it considers clean enough and vzroslymi, it is much easier just them for £ 2 and 2 shillings. Years her about twenty-five, well proportioned and handsome face, firing pin and sharp tongue, the society itself will not drop.

Mistress Johnson, seventeenth room at the willow walk, right behind «Dog and duck»

This lovely girl growth was, and her twenty years, she comes from Norfolk. She’s a pretty face, especially nice eyes, black and enticing, have all her teeth intact and the skin is smooth. The nature she is so loving that in the arms of an equally voluptuous companion she is ready to reject even the arms of Morpheus. The milky hills of pleasure hard and elastic and charming rising on her body. As for the sable grotto, the entrance to which is guarded by the guardian with coral lips, it is best suited for the needs of the children of Venus.

Sorry, but that lady ain’t got no education. Its audience it has, even though all her outfits and laid several times. She is always in a bad mood, acting like a hillbilly and to the benefactors of their concerns without due respect. Grumpy, filth on the tongue and leads to bad company.

And this girl as soon as possible down to the rank of cheap whores, but for the time being she is young and deserves the attention of any lover who will save her from having to sell themselves. Its price from five shillings to palugyai.

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