Bjoerndalen and Domracheva topped the Chinese team in biathlon

Bjoerndalen and Domracheva topped the Chinese team in biathlon

Multiple Olympic Champions will be to prepare the team for the Games in 2022, which will be held in Beijing


Wife Darya Domracheva and OLE Einar björndalen signed a contract with the National Olympic Committee of China. They will prepare the national team for the winter Olympics-2022 in Beijing, reports the press service of the National Olympic Committee of Belarus.

«We are pleased to announce the beginning of cooperation with national team of China in the biathlon. It’s a young team with high development potential. We start the training process and happy with Daria to share its long experience in this sport with Chinese athletes,» said Bjoerndalen.

The Norwegian has held the post of chief coach of the national team of China. The Belarusian athlete will prepare the women’s team.

«I am happy to use this chance and develop our beloved sport around the world and in countries where winter sports have a high potential for development,» said Domracheva.

In 2015 she won in the overall standings of the world Cup and the following season missed due to mononucleosis. In April 2016 the Belarusian biathlete announced that she was pregnant and up to childbirth will not participate in the competition. In July of the same year, Bjoerndalen and Domracheva were married, in October, the couple had a daughter. In January 2017, the athlete returned to the track.

After returning Domracheva won six stages of the world Cup and became the bronze medalist of the world championship 2017 in Hochfilzen pursuit. Just for a career, it 34 times won the world Cup in the individual events and won two gold medals at the world Championships. In 2018 in Pyeongchang Domracheva became the first ever four-time Olympic champion in biathlon. In June of 2018 she retired.

Bjoerndalen left the country in April last year. Eight-time Olympic champion at the press conference said that he would like to spend a few more seasons, but still decided to retire. The Norwegian, who won 20 times at the world Championships, said that during the summer pre-season preparations twice postponed the arrhythmia.

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