Many years ago on the shores of lake Michigan began the birth of the third populous city United States, known in the modern world called Chicago. His appearance the city owes to the ancient settlement of Indians who lived in the South-West of the pond, overgrown with thickets of wild garlic. The natives called the strange plant Chikagu. Traces of thick fragrant vegetation is long gone, as are the Indians, and the name of the city remained.

The dimensions and significance of a major American metropolis second only two cities — new York and Los Angeles. Financial turnover of capital holds a strong second place after the giant new York. In Chicago focus major thoroughfare of the North American continent, so that helps a lot for transport optimal location. River port Harbor-based lake Michigan, is responsible for large-scale freight transport in conjunction with Maritime canal Saint Laurence. Massive airport hourly 0 Hara meets and sees off two hundred of amelineau. Working railway.

According to administrative jurisdiction, the city-millionaire is the center of cook County and part of the state of Illinois. Residential agglomerate extend along the coast for almost 30 miles and together with the suburban settlements became a refuge for nine and a half million Americans. Because of its impressive size this conurbation called «greater Chicago.» The city itself is home to about 3 million inhabitants, which is slightly less than in the legendary «City of Angels» and «the Big Apple». The history of the village is also not without the appearance of nicknames. Paying tribute to the fact that Chicago is considered the unofficial capital of the Midwest, the Americans called their homeland «the windy City» and «Second city».

Millennium Park

The huge settlement did not arise in a vacuum and are closely connected with the rich history of the settlement. A landmark date in the annals of the city recorded 1837, is considered to be the label assignment of the former village of «city» status. It all started with initiative of a French missionary Jacques Marquette in the 70-ies of the 16th century. He made the momentous decision to equip here the Jesuit point. In 1840 in Chicago is already home to 4000 residents. The rapid growth of the young town in those days, helped the key position of the future metropolis between Western and Eastern part of the United States. The whole country was interested in the progress and development of the settlement, able to link transport routes of the whole state.

Tragic and yet an important strategic role in the development of the modern image of the city has played a powerful fire of 1871. Many buildings in Chicago burned to the ground without any hope to recover. It was urgent to decide the fate of the victim of a settlement in a radical way. So it was decided to give priority to the construction of giant skyscrapers and high-rises that became for the whole world calling card «Second city». The main concept of the architects and builders was the idea to conquer space, not outwards, but upwards. The maximum rate of Chicago was rebuilt in the shortest possible time. Architectural planning has brought the city an unexpected climate innovation — the city has become a favorite abode of the ferocious winds. So was born the nickname «the windy City». Evil tongues today say that this name emphasizes not only rampant in the city of violent wind, but also alludes to the political mood of the locals towards the Central government.

The name «Second city» everything is much easier. Convenient geographical location of the administrative center of cook County could not give a rapid boost to the industry in the region. Initially, agglomeration held the palm for the production of meat and meat products. Next priority went straight to the 3 goddesses of heavy industry: ferrous metallurgy, chemical and machine-building sector. Rail and water transport have added to the growth of the giants of the weight and significance, Chicago was not able to overtake in the industrial area only a single American monolith — new York, securing a 2nd place at the industrial podium and deserved the nickname «Second city».

These successes for the large city in the state of Illinois was not enough. Chicago has become famous all over the world in several categories. First, the rebuilt settlement was an example of architectural innovation across the United States, earning the championship in the construction issues of the entire state. Second, problems with sewage has forced experts to apply innovative solutions and expand the flow of local rivers, forcing her to take back to the Illinois river and make the runoff abatement canal. The third achievement was the Foundation of one of the most iconic temples of science — University of Chicago, whose achievements in the world of science is recognized by scientists all over the planet.

Individual lines deserves criminal past of the city. In the 20-ies of the last century, Chicago was chosen by the gang of gangsters, staged in the streets this criminal terror. The most famous leader of one of the sinister syndicate, a legendary street fighter al Capone, was included in all of the crime police departments in the world, as a sophisticated and ruthless gangster of all times and peoples. The reason for the growth of offences of various levels was the influx of visitors to Chicago for work migrants of African origin. Hard work at the industrial enterprises did not suit the new residents of the metropolis, they prefer the fast money through robberies, theft and murder. The criminal side of the city suddenly appeared a bright side. In those years the center of cook County became the birthplace of world-famous African-American jazz and residence of his father-the founder of king Oliver, this musical direction was subsequently spread around the world. In Chicago was born and the first stirrings of modern Islam in the United States, followed later in other settlements of the American North.

Contemporary Chicago is a colorful giant in the streets where you can find everything that you want like. However, local residents are increasingly leaving the king’s urbanization and strive to move to more environmentally friendly suburbs of the city. The city centre attracts tourists and guests of shining shop Windows of the famous fashionable shops, still the imagination of a 100-storey building and the radiance of millions of neon lights bright colorful billboards.

Day trips along the coast of lake Michigan, familiarity with new collections of fashionable clothes in boutiques in the vastness of the «Magnificent mile», the view of the strange sights and contemplation of the skyscrapers at night is replaced by other entertainment. At numerous music venues, cafes and restaurants in Chicago you can still hear these masterpieces of jazz compositions, to spend time at the lively party in the night club or to pay tribute to the skill of the professionals in catering establishments. The city is world famous for excellent cuisine and a rich imagination of masters of culinary Affairs.

Founded: 1795
Size: 606,1 km2
Population: 2,716,450 people (2017)
Currency: American dollar
Language: English
Flight time:
from Moscow — 13 hours 10 min. (1-4 transplant)
from Saint Petersburg — from 13 hours and 35 minutes (1-3 transplant)
from Kazan — 16 hours 30 min (1-4 transplant)
from Yekaterinburg — 17 hours 25 min. (1-4 transplant)
from Novosibirsk — 20 hours 10 min. (1-4 transplant)
Current time in Chicago:


(UTC -6)

Rate: USD = 65.97RUB

In this active village Illinois often hosts international scientific symposia, conferences and cultural festivals, such as jazz. It is also noteworthy that the city has many green oases, such as parks, quaint flower beds, blooming gardens and intimate squares. Chicago is one of the most attractive cities not only in North America but on the entire planet.


How to get

Direct flights to Chicago from cities of Russia, would have to fly via new York (JFK), which operates flights from Moscow Aeroflot (from Sheremetyevo).

Connecting flights to Chicago you can fly from Moscow and other Russian cities via Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Warsaw, London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Budapest, Istanbul, Rome, Munich, Frankfurt, Brussels, Zurich, Paris, Madrid and Barcelona.

Find tickets to Chicago

How to get from new York to Chicago

To reach by plane from any major U.S. city to Chicago will not be any problem. For example, from new York to Chicago airport O’hare is from 46 to 82 flights a day. Flight time is two hours.

To Chicago from new York you can go by bus with increased comfort firm Greyhound — he goes from the car station, Port Authority (Eighth Avenue, 625). Every day I go several flights (and not just Greyhound), travel time — 16 to 20 hours. To the journey time passed quickly, in the buses, free Wi-Fi. There is another way to pass the time — enjoy the view from the window of the transport.

To get to the windy City with direct links by rail, including train company Amtrak going from Penn station once a day is 19 hours. The fare around the ticket price in half to two times more compared to travel by bus.


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The Chicago Metropolitan

In Chicago for public transportation meet the following three agencies.

CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) — the administration of the Chicago transport, numbering 152 bus routes and seven subway lines. The route of the path go around Chicago and forty surrounding suburbs. Downtown Chicago and the city’s airports are connected the orange and blue branches.

Metra is a complex suburban railway traffic, which serves the city with six districts of Illinois, plus northwestern part of Indiana. The train system passing approximately 200 stations on eleven lines.

Pace is a complex of commuter buses, which primarily caters to 6 districts of Illinois, adjacent to Chicago, plus directly some of the urban routes.

Read more about the movement in the «windy City» (metro, suburban trains, taxis, bike rental, car rental, travel and other details) can be found in the article «Transportation in Chicago«.


Photos Chicago

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The Loop

Chicago is a major metropolis, consisting of three major parts: the West side, North side and South side. They are separated from each other by a river which runs through the city and bears the same name. Just in the city seventy-seven unique areas with their own peculiarities and distinctive features. In downtown Chicago Loop (from the English «loop») you can see a large number of attractions to visit the major banks and stock exchanges, various administrative offices. The loop consists entirely of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers.

The most expensive and comfortable hotels, famous museums, extensive parks, and shopping the Magnificent mile located in Nier North side. It is adjacent to the center on the North side. Along with Streeterville it is the ideal place to relax with friends or family.

Once an industrial district, due to the restoration of the river North entertainment became part of Chicago’s prestigious restaurants, stylish Lounges, Nightclubs, trendy cafes, cinemas and other youth institutions.


In Kenwood is home to only the richest citizens. It is composed entirely of luxurious mansions and luxury cottages. In Greenwich village and Lakeview to meet a talented but little known artists who are active in self-development, organize exhibitions and joint meetings.

The most dangerous neighborhoods of dubious reputation are considered, Englewood, fuller Park, Calumet heights, East Garfield Park, Chatham, with a population mostly consisting of African Americans.

In many other parts of the city also usually are people of a certain nationality. For example, armour square became a place of residence for Chinese in Bridgeport and little village is Mexican community, and in little Italy since the nineteenth century find themselves at home Italian immigrants (which could not be reflected in the menu of most restaurants).


What to see in Chicago

Marina City

American skyscrapers today are nothing new, but high-rise buildings in Chicago have their own special style. They are interesting and unique architecture. The starting point for the construction of tall buildings is considered a tremendous fire of 1880, he destroyed all the buildings. Since then, the town began to grow up.

All the skyscrapers vie with each other, trying to climb as high as possible. They attract tourists and have become the most distinctive landmark of the city, at Chicago the reputation as a world leader of high-rises. To see all of their diversity it is possible from the observation deck of Willis tower — the highest city skyscraper has 108 floors, with a magnificent panorama.

Cinema has added to the popularity of the two towers of Marina city. It somewhat resembles corn. Seen from afar , the trump Tower, the height of the hotel secured him 3rd place in the list of skyscrapers the United States. Aqua tower is considered the most beautiful skyscraper of a metropolis, thanks to the creative design of the facade.

To fully appreciate the distinctive style of Chicago will help tour devoted to architectural objects. You can choose a walking tour or take a ride on the river of the same name. Landing on a pleasure boat — Navy pier. This is another attraction that deserves attention.

The city attracts unusual art objects. Among them, abstract red Flamingo, created by renowned sculptor Alexander Calder. One of the symbols of the city was a mysterious sculpture — a masterpiece by Pablo Picasso, she has no name. Before mosaic, the author is Marc Chagall, always a lot of spectators.

The popularity of the fountain «crown» has long crossed the borders of Chicago. The composition consists of 2 tall towers, standing on opposite sides of the rectangular pool. The uniqueness of the fountain in that one of its sides is a screen. On it, alternating faces of the elect of the people of Chicago. When they smile, from lips crashes a jet of water. This funny stunt always pleases the audience.

The sculpture cloud gate in Millennium Park

In Chicago everyone will be able to find a Museum to your liking — from diversified to specialized. Connoisseurs of art will attract an extensive exhibition of the art Institute , one of the largest museums in the United States. Here are the masterpieces of the famous Impressionists — van Gogh, Renoir, Toulouse Lautrec, post-Impressionists work. Many other exhibits will give a comprehensive idea about American art.

To complete this vision will help the tour of the Museum of modern art, which brought together the painters and sculptors of the postwar period. Postmodern here is adjacent to the avant-garde. A large collection of interesting exhibits, an excellent audio guide, the ability to photograph any object, exhibits, devoted to popular authors, will not leave you indifferent.

For those interested in African-American history should visit the Museum Du sable. It contains tens of thousands of unique artifacts. The culture and creativity of the people of Mexico can be found in the National Museum of Mexican art, entrance is free.

Many fans of the Grand Museum of science and industry. A number of his exhibits are of natural size. It exhibited samples of known subsea, rail, air and space vehicles of the past. Impressive working the mine for coal production.

The art Institute of Chicago

Dine in Chicago’s Museum campus. On its territory there are 3 most popular object, including the first U.S. planetarium — Adler. Here, the Shedd aquarium, where floating more than 30 thousand various marine life. It is impossible to ignore the natural history Museum, which bears the name of the field. It is amazing the number of anthropological and Zoological exhibits from all over the world. Here is almost everything from Tyrannosaurus Rex to meteorites.

With pass Chicago city Pass visit 5 of the most interesting sights will cost half the price. Compact little book is 99,75 $, valid for 9 days and gives you the right to skip queues. In addition to tickets attached to it a map of the possible sites.

Among them are the attractions of Museum campus, one of the popular review sites in the Willis tower or the John Hancock center. You can also choose the Museum of science and industry or art Institute. Chicago CityPASS convenient to order online. The validity period is counted from the time of the first inspection object.

Chicago is not only a concrete jungle, but cozy and green Islands, scattered in different parts of the city. In a giant city with numerous parks, beautiful gardens, flower beds easy to breathe. Residents and guests can comfortably relax in the lap of nature.

The main parks, beaches and reserves are close to the waterfront of lake Michigan. Public Lincoln Park attracts numerous visitors free zoo, it is home to more than 1,000 animals and birds, including rare specimens. In this green oasis you will find something to their liking. Its extensive grounds were the site of several football fields, playgrounds for basketball and volleyball, 7 beach areas. You can attend a concert or relax in a shady area.

Chagall mosaic «the four seasons»

On the North island is Grant Park. It is great to admire Buckingham fountain. Evening musical show gathers crowds of spectators. You may be able to attend one of the many music festivals.

About 15 years ago, completed the construction of Millennium Park, since then it has been growing steadily. One of the reasons — the modern buildings of the most incredible shapes. This is «Cloud gate» by Anish Kapoor, that resembles a giant bean or a drop of melted metal. Futuristic sculpture became one of the symbols of Chicago.

Unforgettable impressed by the projects of architect Frank Gehry. The shape of the bridge, BP is clearly borrowed from the snake. The design of the Pavilion Jay Pritzker is a weave of curved tubes and pipes of steel and twisted metal strips. This allows us to provide a speaker system, in a closed concert hall. Entrance to the Park is free.

The city continues to grow, build new buildings, to create recreation areas. In recent years, the Park «Maggie Daley». It was built on the roof of the building. In the North-West side of Chicago rose the new Park is simply called «606».

Chicago Attractions:

Water tower Chicago

Chicago’s Museums:

Skyscrapers Chicago:


Where to go in Chicago

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Willis tower, to 2009 — Sears tower (Sears Tower) — the second tallest existing skyscraper…

The art Institute of Chicago is one of the oldest, influential and richest art museums….

This Museum is part of Museum campus and is dedicated to the natural Sciences. It is located in …

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The rookery building is the oldest high-rise building in Chicago. Architectural firm Burnham and Root completed the construction…

The Chicago Museum of contemporary art is a place that can surprise you. To challenge you. To shock and …

Oak Park — in some degree a legendary place in a green area of one of the Chicago suburbs, because…

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Private guides in Chicago

More details of Chicago will help you to see Russian private guides.
The project Experts.Turister.Ru was registered 6 Russian speaking guides in Chicago.

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Food and drinks

Cafe Medici

Before you set off in search of all sorts of dishes, soaked in the flavor of Chicago, unaware of the tourists and newcomers in local cooking have to know a few details, so as not to throw too much money and to insure against stomach ulcers. For starters, be aware that hotdogs, burgers, Shawarma and other famous fast food are not samples of Chicago cuisine. They are not invented in Chicago, and nothing exotic, they do not, but on the body is affected by the same bad. It is better to visit a small restaurant to pay a little more, but to try something really worthwhile and appropriate expectations.

The exception to this rule are, perhaps, only so-called «Chicago hot dogs», which should be purchased exclusively in the café. Visitors are offered two types — «Polish» and «hot dog Chicago». They can not add ketchup or plain mustard, not to kill the original taste.

Also regular donuts, cod with fries, the various English equivalents of food is not saturated with the spirit of Chicago. You can try any other city in the United States, and to go here in order to try something like that, silly.

If the tourist wants to enjoy Indian cuisine, it can make ordering in a restaurant for venison, and not to run headlong to one of the sellers in the Great lakes region. Are the street hookers, as a rule, make a fool inexperienced buyers with promises of food, invented by Chicago chefs, while in their words no truth to it.

As for Chicago cuisine in the city, you can find a huge number of dishes are cooked only in this corner of the world. For example, the branded pizza is «Chicago style» doesn’t look like his Italian ancestor, neither in appearance nor taste. It consists of four layers. Cooking using the best in the Western hemisphere, meat and dairy products.

The pizza is a medium size designed for a group of two or three people and is in the Central part of the city 12-15 dollars. It can be ordered in any Chicago pizzeria. And for lovers of travel and delicious food held a bus tour for the best pizza in the Central part of the metropolis.

All tourists are advised to try two exclusively the Chicago dish, the name of which is devoted to two teams — basketball «Red bulls» football «white SOx». The first is a steak, which cost 25 to $ 85. They can be purchased in such a place as «Michael Jordan’s Steak House». The second is nothing but pizza «Chicago white SOx» at $ 17. It is prepared in the pizzeria «Phil’s Pizza».

Tourists are not necessarily looking for five-star establishment. In regular cafes and bars you can always order the signature Breakfast, lunch and dinner for $ 35 to the buyer. And small restaurants in areas with predominant number of residents of any nationality offer their customers dishes of Ukraine, Poland, Ganduras and other countries. The waiters they speak the appropriate language, so make a reservation and to get answers to your questions will not be easy.

For example, a campaign in restaurant «Tbilisi» and «Old lions» will provide the tourist with a delicious meal in just 20 to 40 dollars, and a popular Russian school «Russian Tea Time» feed customers for 30-50 dollars per person. Also, many food lovers are advised to look into self-service cafeteria «The Garden Cafe», known for attractive prices.

Shopping on the Magnificent mile are restaurants more expensive, but with no less quality food, and good service.

Tip for all fans of Chicago treats: book a table in advance, as of an institution, offering to feed the brand of food, mostly small. Try not to fall for the lure to tourists — for example, before taking bison meat, check with your waiter to find out what he would recommend. Most likely, you will find something more elegant at a reasonable price. Pay attention to the dishes of dairy and meat products.


The connection in Chicago

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To buy a SIM card


Where to stay in Chicago

Sheraton Chicago Hotel

The center of the city and surrounding areas are the best places for long or temporary residence. Here are not only interesting museums, major parks, concert halls and other entertainment venues, and prestigious five-star hotel. If the tourist is ready to stay in the double room, paying $ 500 per night, it will have at its disposal a smartly furnished room, meals from expensive restaurants and personal fitness trainer, and will be able to visit a SPA.

Accommodation in four star hotels is cheaper and does not involve such a large number of additional luxury. No spas and Hollywood stars, just a good and moderately luxurious decor and great service, which sometimes is not enough.

The most popular are hotels with three stars, where you can find good service and suitable prices, and comfortable rooms. Thus, for example, is «Hampton Inn Majestic Theatre District». From it, the tourist should pay only $ 130 a day.

All hotels in Chicago , regardless of the number of stars provides its guests with free Wi-Fi and offer to pay them a huge amount of Parking.

The cheapest places to stay in the city there are motels and apartments, located in 10-15 km from the Central side of Chicago. For the night they take 50-70 dollars.

Company offers for booking more than 860 hotels in Chicago.
You can choose a hotel using a variety of filters: the star hotel, type of hotel (hotel, apartment, Villa, hostel, etc.), cost, location, scores of people visited the hotel, the presence of Wi-Fi and more. Go to service selection and booking of a hotel in Chicago.

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