Cheboksary is the capital of the Chuvash Republic. Cheboksary is a large industrial and transportation hub located on the right Bank of the Volga river in the European part of Russia. The nearest big city is Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod. The population for 2017 is 490 thousand people. Of these, more than 60% are Chuvash and 35% Russian. The Cheboksary is a satellite city Novocheboksarsk.

Many years in Cheboksary there are discussions about the origin of the city name. In Chuvash it sounds like Shupashkar. Some historians claim that the word «Cheboksary» and came from a local phrase «enclosed water», which sounds like Shupashkar. The name is pretty accurate. On the one hand the city limited to the river, and ran side by Cheboksarka, in ancient times, even deep river. Residents are accustomed to both names and perceive by ear they are almost the same.

According to the opinion of the historians, the word «Cheboksary» was formed from the merger of the old «Sarah» — a haven of peace and «Rudd» — a small fish used to inhabit this place. Another version claims that «Sarah» comes from a distorted local «Palace». And Rudd, perhaps the name of one of the princes, which here first began to build the settlement. Chuvash legends say that «music» is derived from the name of the old man Supes, which after a long journey stopped in these places to rest and to drink water from the spring. And so it is this region much that he decided to settle here and began to build the house.

The Foundation of Cheboksary 1469 is considered to be the year when the city was first mentioned in written documents. But people lived here much earlier. Some sources claim that in the XII century on this place was a Bulgarian-Chuvash settlement, which was depicted on the maps of Venetian merchants.

«Cheboksary — the pearl of Russia», the city’s waterfront

After the Chuvash lands were to belong to the Moscow state, on the coast of the Volga river in 1555 by order of Ivan the terrible built a fortress. Its purpose was to protect the Eastern borders of Russia. The fortress had thick walls, deep moat around them and a high crater wall, making it inaccessible to the raids of nomadic tribes. The Fort was named Cheboksary. Gradually around the outer walls of the fortress began to settle people. So the fortress gradually turned into a town.

Military garrison in the fortress existed to combat the nomads, to curb the discontented, the collection of taxes and taxes. From the late seventeenth century, Russia’s borders are pushed further and Cheboksary cease to perform the security function. Now the city is rapidly developing business. In addition, there is established a tannery, brick, horology, scornicesti and other crafts. Built small enterprises for the production of malt, salt, soap. At the same time built the Church, and the local population is increasingly starting to go into the Orthodox faith.

The fire of 1773 destroyed most of the city, after which there starts the construction of stone buildings. At the end of the XVIII century the Cheboksary be a district city of Kazan province. For many years the main occupation for the urban population remained trade. The nineteenth century brought this land a period of stagnation. Industry has developed slowly, and the enterprises themselves, there were only a few, including a lumber mill and a small factory.

With the establishment of the Soviet government from the settlement with several thousand inhabitants of Cheboksary turn into a large town. In 1920, Cheboksary get the status of the administrative center of the Chuvash autonomy, and later they become the main city of the Chuvash Republic. Increases the city’s population, developed industry, promoted here are industrial enterprises, which were evacuated to these places during the war.

Cheboksary today is a multifunctional city. There are many industrial and scientific-production enterprises of various forms of business. Located in Cheboksary and concern «tractor plants». Known in Russia and abroad the products of plant of a name of Chapaeva, instrument-making plant «ELARA», lentochkami and knitting factory and other enterprises.

Current time in Cheboksary:


(UTC +3)


How to get

Cheboksary are located in the European part of Russia. From Moscow, the distance to which is 650 km, here is a Federal highway of M-7. The road to Kazan will take more than two hours, to Nizhny Novgorod — three and a half hours. To get to Cheboksary from nearby cities and Moscow in several ways.


Cheboksary Airport

Cheboksary airport is located in the city. You can get here by trolleybus № 2, 9, 15 and bus # 15. The airport has international status and opened in 1928. The first passenger flight took place in 1934, when it was connected by plane with Nizhny Novgorod.

The local airfield during the war he worked as a cargo and a training airfield, where the trained graduates of different military schools. In 1958, the airport was transferred to the village of Signali. In Soviet times, there were plenty of flights and freight transport. Today the airport has one runway with a coating of asphalt that allows it to accept Airliners 2, 3, class 4 and light aircraft.

Air Harbor of Cheboksary has connections with Moscow, St. Petersburg, Simferopol, Anapa, Ufa and the city of Sochi. Flight time from Moscow is 1 hour and 20 minutes. Flights operated by airlines Win, UTair, Saratov airlines and others. In the summer season open a new Charter flight flying to Antalya. A direct air route from Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan there, passengers have to fly with a transfer in Moscow, that’s quite uncomfortable and expensive.

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Direct rail connections to nearby cities such as Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod, provided for in the schedule of Railways. From Kazan a train goes to the station Kanash, which is located 80 km from Cheboksary. Drive from Cheboksary to Nizhniy Novgorod , you can train with a transfer in Arzamas or Moscow, which is also quite uncomfortable.

Train station of Cheboksary began to operate in 1940. Then was opened and the local train station. The commuter service connects Cheboksary with the station Kanash. Every day from the platform of Cheboksary station departs train «Chuvashia», which comes on the Kazan station of Moscow.


City Cheboksary is located on the route the following Federal highways: M-7 Moscow — Kazan, A-151 Tsivilsk — Ulyanovsk, A-119 Cheboksary — Syktyvkar. The capital of the Chuvash Republic has a bus service to many large cities of Russia, including Moscow. The distance from Kazan to Cheboksary is equal to 166 km. every day walking between the towns, more than 10 bus trips. The way from Nizhny Novgorod is 240 km. to get to Cheboksary by regular buses departing from the local bus station several times a day.

Distance from Moscow to Cheboksary is 650 km away. buses run from the Central bus station. But in addition to the state motor transportation enterprise, there are many private taxi drivers who deliver passengers to the capital of Chuvash Republic. Journey time is 11 hours without taking into account Moscow traffic jams. In the Cheboksary there are two bus and three road station which services intercity and suburban buses.

By car

To get from Kazan to Cheboksary on my car is about 2 hours and 20 minutes. There are two possible ways. You can drive on the Federal highway M-7 in the opposite direction from Moscow. The road has good coverage, so the traffic here is more intense. If the choice fell on the second route, you will have to go in the direction of Zelenodolsk, then part of the territory of the neighboring Republic of Mari El, then the dam will have to cross the Volga river. The road is a little worse.

The way from Nizhny Novgorod to Cheboksary by car will take a little over three and a half hours. The route runs along the upgraded highway M-7. The road is quite comfortable, along the way there are gas stations, restaurants and public pay toilets. It is still possible to get from Nizhny Novgorod to Cheboksary, circling Kerzhensky state nature reserve. Journey time is 5 hours. In addition, you will have to cross the Volga by ferry.


Climate and weather in Cheboksary

The climate is moderately continental in Cheboksary, which is the result of two opposite effects on the temperature of air masses: the cold, brought from the Arctic ocean, and warm, formed over the Atlantic. The city’s climate is influenced by such components as being the Volga upland, situated on the banks of one of the largest water arteries of the country and the Cheboksary reservoir.

All of this means that winters are long with heavy snowfall, while summers are usually warm. Winter on the territory of Cheboksary begins at the end of November, then there is permanent snow cover. The cold season lasts five months. The standard temperature during this period ranges from -12 to -14 °C. Periodically there are strong frosts and even thaw. The lowest temperature was noted in 1977, when the thermometer showed -46 °C.

The snow melts by mid-April, but before may, the temperature will slowly change in the direction of warmth, gradually increasing a few degrees a day. Frosts occur in April. The arrival of summer coincides with the calendar time. During this period, weather in Cheboksary is warm, sometimes hot. The average temperature in July, the warmest month is 19 °C. the Absolute maximum occurred in summer 2010 and stood at 39.9 °C.

In early autumn, the temperature is still warm but by mid-month nights there is frost, stronger winds, higher rainfall. In November the average temperature ranges from -3 °C to 4 °C.
Precipitation in the city is a lot, they make up almost 500 mm during the summer season, although falls are many heavy rains, but due to their rapid evaporation, moisture is considered to be insufficient.

Weather forecast

+9 … +17°C


Sz 5 m/s

+5 … +9°C


s, 7 m/s

+4 … +13°C


s, 5 m/s

+5 … +13°C


s, 4 m/s

+13 … +16°C


Sz 2 m/s

+16 … +22°C


s, 3 m/s

Weather in Cheboksary for 10 and 14 days on the «Weather.Turister.Ru»

Weather in Cheboksary by months

day, °C
by night, °C
The number
precipitation, mm
January -10 -10 42.6
February -6 -7 36.9
March 47.6
April 56
May 50.5
June 72.5
July 93.1
August 22 17 55.6
September 15 11 57.1
October 7 4 58.5
November -2 -4 46.4
December -8 -8 48.5



To get to Cheboksary by bus, trolleybus and taxi. Public transport comes to routes in 5 hours and 30 minutes and terminates at 11 o’clock in the morning.

The first buses took to the city roads in 1946. Today, there are 18 bus routes, but the status of this form of public transport is quite heavy. Taxis in the city is represented almost thirty different directions, another twenty routes is located in Novocheboksarsk and connects the city with his companion.

Trolleybuses appeared in Cheboksary in 1964. Once the date of the October revolution the city was started the first trolley. This event was not accompanied by rallies and the inauguration of route 1, everything was simple and ordinary. But trolleybuses for many years it was the main public transport. Already in the first year of its existence, 50 trolleybuses Cheboksary depot have transported almost 20 million passengers. The length of the overhead was only 9 km away.

Today there are 18 trolleybus routes. Half of them starts its route from the forecourt, so you can go to almost any area of the city. The longest route is about 28 km. Trolleybus Park periodically receives new machines, updated and contact network. Trolleybuses working conductors, and the name of the stops say in Russian and Chuvash languages.

On the territory of the river port

There is in Cheboksary and application «Smart transport», which gives the opportunity to learn the location of the desired bus, trolleybus, taxi, and arrival time of vehicles on certain stops.

Cheboksary river port appeared a few centuries ago. It was used mostly by ship-owners to conduct business. In the early XX century river port has seven wharves, from which depart a lot of cargo ships. After a lull of Civil war, the work here boil again. In the late nineties of the last century, the river port has received a new complex of buildings. Currently, there are only two flights from Cheboksary to the beach the left Bank and in Sosnovka. Offers a river port and the rental of vessels for different tour routes. Anyone can celebrate their wedding on the boat during a walk along the river. In addition, there is transport of various cargo, rented out a multi-ton court and carried out other commercial activities.


Photos Of Cheboksary

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Division of Cheboksary territorial units took place in 1973. So there was a Moscow, Leninsky and Kalininsky districts of the city. The modern borders between them were drawn in 2000.

The Moscow district

The centre of Cheboksary

It is the biggest territorial unit of Cheboksary. Moscow is a district in the Western part of the city on both banks of the Volga. An area of 14 thousand hectares is home to more than 172 thousand people. Here there is intensive construction of residential areas. There is ample, comfortable public transport and many places of recreation for the public. In the Central district of the state theatre of Opera and ballet. Among the biggest enterprises there are the Cheboksary furniture factory, the complex «ELARA», which produces electronics for cars and aircraft, an enterprise named after Chapaev, a manufacturer of industrial rubber products and others. Operate 26 schools, several universities, colleges and technical schools. Historic district has many architectural monuments built several centuries ago. For example, the Church of the assumption, monastery of the Holy Trinity, Cathedral and others.

Kalininsky district

The Kaliningrad district is considered an industrial center of the city. Here is the the vast majority of the enterprises of the Chuvash Republic. Area of 4,082 hectares is located in the East of the city. There are about 149 thousand people. Among 3300 of various forms of ownership of the Kalinin district there are various joint stock companies, corporations, the largest among them, «heavy engineering ORMETO-YUMZ», «Promtractor», «Cheboksary Jersey», «Cheboksary aggregate plant», and others. In this district are important centres of communal systems of Cheboksary. Residential areas represented by six areas of buildings old and new time. Among the attractions worth noting the white resurrection Church, which arose in the eighteenth century and which is a stone single-domed Church with standing next to the bell tower.

Leninsky district

Leninsky district is the center of Cheboksary. On the area of 3,700 hectares live more than 131 thousand people. The most important enterprise of the district is Cheboksary electric plant. Here and there are many small factories and mills. Leninsky district is rich in social infrastructure. For students openly 8 universities and several specialized schools. School education there are many schools and kindergartens. There are 12 sports schools and city Palace of children’s youthful creativity. For citizens to operate 3 theatres, 4 museums, stadiums and recreation parks.


What to see in Cheboksary

The monument of Mother-patroness

In Cheboksary a lot of attractions. Visitors can not only visit interesting places, to attend the performances, to get acquainted with the expositions of local museums and admire architecture on the famous streets and squares of the city.

When visiting the city, it is necessary to see the Cheboksary Bay. It was built on the site of the old city. Before the flood these places were supposed to be part of the buildings disassembled and moved. But some of them were irretrievably lost. Today, the Promenade around the Bay is one of the favorite places of the townspeople.

On the coast are various city events and holidays. In addition, there are many interesting attractions in Cheboksary. The shores of the Bay connect two bridges. It is noteworthy that one of the pedestrian crossings turned into a light tunnel. There are touches of 27 lines, which has 72 thousand bulbs of white light. By illumination consulting bridge surpassed even such terminal in Saint-Petersburg and new York. At the entrance to the Bay is another crossing, located at the dam. This so-called «Road to the temple» leading to the monastery, named in honor of the Holy Trinity.

The Western part of Cheboksary Bay is decorated with a monument of Mother-patroness. It is the highest monument in the city, it towers above the earth at 46 m. Built in 2003, a monument dedicated to all mothers who love and cherish their children. On a high pedestal stands the woman in the Chuvash national costume. Her hands outstretched in a joyful welcoming gesture with which she wants to hug their loved ones.

Sculptural composition «Ostap Bender and Kisa Vorobyaninov»

Near Cheboksary Bay is the Holy Trinity monastery, to which lead «the Road to the temple». This is one of the most ancient monasteries of Cheboksary. Founded on the direct orders of Ivan IV with the aim of spreading the Orthodox faith among the locals, the monastery began to be built almost at the same time when she appeared Cheboksary fortress. In ancient times, the monastery buildings were built of wood, and the form that we see today began to be established two centuries ago. Around the monastery was built stone wall with towers. Above the gate rises the belfry. In the monastery kept the miraculous statue of St. Nicholas. According to legend, she appeared in the local monastery literally sailed through the water.

In Cheboksary you can visit other temples. Only on the West coast of the Bay is six churches. One of the oldest churches is the Cathedral, built by the same decree of Tsar Ivan the terrible. The unusual shape of the building in the form of a cube due to its original function: for years, the Cathedral was the defensive works. The Church in honor of the Vladimir icon of the Mother of God is one of the youngest Orthodox buildings in the city. In contrast to the stone temples, it is built of wood, and its facades are richly decorated with carvings. Externally, the Church resembles the old Russian towers.

Cheboksary Bay

The historical part of the city begins with the Boulevard merchant Ephraim. Today this part of Cheboksary turned into a pedestrian zone. The locals call this place the Cheboksary Arbat. The street is not the longest, but beautiful and comfortable, so here like to spend and the citizens and guests of the capital of Chuvashia. Situated in the Boulevard mansion is the Ephraim, now it is a monument of architecture of XIX century. Here is one of the most interesting museums of the Cheboksary beer Museum. In the region grows a large part of Russian hops, but for residents of the Chuvash Republic, beer is an important beverage. Museum visitors will learn about the history of this drink in ancient times, the production in different countries and in Russia. The Museum is a restaurant which offers tasting of different varieties of this popular beverage manufactured on special order. Unusual looks and the Museum itself, on the outside it resembles a large beer barrel.

In Cheboksary is located the Museum of the legendary division commander Vasily Ivanovich Chapayev, which includes documentary materials, photographs, letters, awards Civil war hero, his personal belongings, donated to the Museum by family and friends Chapaev. In the eponymous square and recreated the hut in which the family lived Chapaevo. In the capital of the Chuvash Republic there are other museums, a visit which will be interesting both for adults and for children: the Chuvash national Museum, Museum of tractor history, Museum of the Chuvash embroidery and others.

Residents love the local parkland where you can relax, enjoy nature and play sports. In Cheboksary located grove Guzowska — old Park, planted trees, planted by the scientist-Forester Gusovsky. His life he considered the restoration and cultivation of oak forests, which stretch for many kilometers along the Volga. Park of the 500th anniversary invites everyone to relax and ride the rides. And for productive leisure is to go to the adventure Park «Banzai». The biggest entertainment area is «Lakreevskiy forest» — the Central Park of culture and rest.


Where to go in Cheboksary

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A monument to the astronaut Andriano Nikolaev — a famous monument that was erected in honor of the third astronaut…

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Cheboksary Bay is not only the urban water area, it is a place of recreation for residents and visitors to the city….

The name Ephraim is significant for the city Cheboksary. Procopius, the camera, the founder of the dynasty, a merchant of the first Guild, known…

Ivan Yakovlevich Yakovlev Chuvash enlightener, educator, writer, famous as the Creator of the modern Chuvash…

This house resembles the mansion fairy Princess is located on the Bank of the Cheboksary Bay. Unfortunately, this…

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And you know that it is in the Chuvash Republic grow 90% of Russian hops? It is a perennial plant known to people…

All the attractions of Cheboksary

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Private guides in Cheboksary

More details in Cheboksary will help you to see Russian private guides.
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Want to please your friends and family? Then buy the children sweets, and adults of intoxicating drinks. Far to walk not necessary, one has only to visit the signature shops «AKKOND».

More than a hundred years in Cheboksary local distillery, producing our traditional products. Among the souvenir stands line the balm Guy with a strength of 45°, whose name translated from the local dialect sounds like «gift». In its composition it has brandy, lime honey, and as much as 15 herbs with healing properties. Unlike the Swedish counterpart — the balm Mary Ritual, Cheboksarskiy drink and more palatable. Like the design of the bottle with the local Chuvash motives.

Confectionery «AKKOND» is known to many in Russia. Even if you have not tried their products, a box of candy «Bird wonderful» daily check in the morning program on the channel Russia. It is believed that Chuvash factory has the best recipe of «bird’s milk». Sweets can be bought in specialty stores or supermarkets Cheboksary. For gift of perfect sets of chocolates «Evening Cheboksary», on the boxes with photos of the city, and «Native motives» with a picture of the girls in the Chuvash national suit.
It is impossible to visit Cheboksary and not try Sartan. And having the national meat dish, be sure and buy it myself. A similar product consisting of baked stomach with minced meat, can be stored in a special package for a month, making it suitable for transportation. Prepare Sartan all meat processing plants in Chuvash Republic and you can buy it in stores.

Beer in the Chuvash Republic long ago became a local brand. Has a long history and its carefully kept recipes. No wonder 80% of all hops grown in the territory of Russia, are Chuvashia. It produces more than 10 varieties of excellent beer that can compete in quality and taste with their counterparts from the Czech Republic and Germany. For lovers of non-alcoholic products produced kvass, mineral water, sodas. In Cheboksary is working and the beer Museum, where visitors not only can learn about the production of this drink and the development of the beer industry in the region, but also to try the excellent village of beer.

For those who don’t like sweets and beer, it is possible to buy things with the famous Chuvash embroidery. Tablecloths, napkins, towels, pot holders decorated with traditional geometric patterns, which are woven into animals and floral motifs. Local quilters have their own techniques of embroidery, specific stitching. Used specific color, for example, a calm red, Rubiaceae, combined with blue, green, brown. Handicraft shops are sold clay toys, dolls in national costumes, self-made boots with bright patterns.
And in Cheboksary produce quality rubber shoes. Colored lacquer boots and galoshes are in great demand not only in rural but also among the citizens. New line released shoes with drawings and colored linings. Want to keep legs dry and warm in the autumn rain, bring yourself and family cute stylish boots. And galoshes are perfect for seasonal work in suburban areas.


Food and drinks

Among the seven hundred food service establishments of Cheboksary everyone is sure to find noticed. The city has a huge choice of restaurants and cafes at different levels. Here are the kitchen Russian, European. One of the most popular places in town is the restaurant «Moscow» with the pathetic decorated rooms and excellent cuisine. A small restaurant «Gatherings» will appeal to fans of all Russian. The school offers a national cuisine. The room is decorated in rustic style, and guests are served by waiters in Russian folk costumes. For lovers of cozy gatherings and karaoke restaurant Dozari.

Will be satisfied and fans of foreign cuisine. In Cheboksary there are sushi bars, Japanese restaurants, Italian cuisine. There are institutions with fast food. Lovers of foamy and intoxicating advise you to visit beer Museum, where local drinks and dishes of national cuisine.

Institutions with the national Chuvash kitchen not so much. To try wonderful dishes of local chefs in cafes Salkus, «Meeting», Yultash, the restaurant «Ihrem of the words» and other places. Guests here will be offered shartan is one of the most exquisite meat dishes. The so-called stuffed with meat and spices lamb or pork belly. Preparing a meal at high temperature for many hours, with the result that the product turns out tender flesh with a crispy crust.

Chuvash dumplings or Hur of kukli have a variety of fillings from potatoes, cottage cheese, berries and other things. They are served with butter or sour cream. In restaurants Chuvash cuisine cocoa sure, or soup made of offal. Traditionally it was cooked after slaughter and invited many guests. Fish lovers can enjoy the pool-sure, prigotavlivaemy three broths. Ear from the Volga fish turns out flavorful and rich.


Where to stay in Cheboksary

Chuvash national Museum and the bird of Happiness

Every year in Cheboksary there are thousands of visitors. They come here not only for work but also to get acquainted with the beautiful architecture of the city, to see the many sights. For temporary accommodation in Cheboksary, you can book the hotel of various categories, guest house, apartment or hostel room. Local license Fund has a wide range of comfort and different prices. For discerning guests it is better to choose a business hotel for budget travellers you can find good cheap hotels, cheap hostels or countryside property with all-inclusive.

Five star hotels in Cheboksary. But the local hotel has four stars, can offer its guests a comfortable stay near to many attractions. In Cheboksary, three such hotel. It «Volga Premium hotel», «Chuvashia» and Resident Hotel Berezki. Hotels have a whole set of complementary institutions, where the customers can obtain a variety of services. The choice of rooms in 4 star hotels is quite diverse. The city has eight three-star hotels. They offer visitors a standard set of amenities for a reasonable price. Among them are the hotel «Russia», «Dubrava», «DIS» and others.

Mini-hotels of Cheboksary «dawn», «Ryabinka», «Ramsay», and many others offer their guests comfortable rooms and a relaxing stay. Rooms here are usually small, and the number of rooms does not exceed 20. Mini-hotels are located in all parts of the city. Almost in the center there’s a small hotel «Line Spectrum». The number of rooms here range from standard to option comfort. The hotel allows accommodation with Pets. The hotel has a fairly convenient location and is close to Central market, cinema, stadium. Many small hotels offer free Wi-Fi and Parking.

For guests travelling as a family, it will be convenient for travelers to rent apartments. Here is almost home with the necessary furniture and household appliances. The price is quite reasonable. They are located mostly away from the city center, near the river station, near the Cheboksary Bay, in the town of Novocheboksarsk. Some apartments, for example, «In the lighthouse» (River port) it is possible to hire sports equipment and technology. There are large terraces where you can relax and sunbathe. Cheap apartments are located in the satellite city. The hotels also have rooms like apartments. «Resident hotel Berezki» offers its guests a large area and many interesting activities.

Inexpensive and comfortably accommodate guests and hostels of Cheboksary. «Paradise», «Quint», «Cozy», and similar establishments offer comfortable accommodation for little money. Many of them are located almost in the city centre, so getting to them is easy enough with the bus and train station. In the hostels for backpackers has cosy rooms, a shared kitchen and recreation areas.

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