The Russian team won gold at the world championship in Canoeing

The Russian team won gold at the world championship in Canoeing

Russian sportsmen became winners of the world championship in the 500-meter race in the fours competition

Photo: all-Russia Federation of rowing on kayaks and canoes

The Russian team won the world championship gold in rowing and Canoeing competitions in Canoeing-fours at a distance of 500 m (.pdf). The team, which was made by Ivan Shtyl, Pavel Petrov, Victor Melentyev and Mikhail Pavlov, showed the result 1 minute 34,69 seconds.

The second place by results of competitions won by the German team, which overcame the distance in 1 minute 35,83 seconds. Third were the authorities of Belarus with a time of 1 minute 37,14 seconds.

This gold was for the Russian team second in the world Cup. Earlier, Alexander Dyachenko and Yury postrigay finished first in the canoe-twos at a distance of 200 m.

World championship in rowing and Canoeing held in Hungary from August 21 to August 25. In the asset team Russia in addition to the two gold medals three silver and three bronze awards. In the medal standings, the Russian team is in seventh place.

The leader of the medal standings is the national team of Hungary — athletes from this country won five gold, three silver and three bronze medals. The second is Germany (4-5-1), and the third — Belarus (4-4-3).

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