«Spartak» has suffered the second defeat of the Moscow mayor’s Cup hockey

«Spartak» has suffered the second defeat of the Moscow mayor’s Cup hockey

This time the team of Oleg snarky lost to Moscow «Dynamo», which the Latvian specialist twice won the Gagarin Cup in the seasons 2011/12 and 2012/13

Photo: twitter.com/dynamo_ru

Match capital «the Dynamo» and «Spartacus» in the Moscow mayor’s Cup hockey championship ended with the victory «it is white-blue» with the account 4:1. Spartak lost, leading the score during the game.

The first goal in the match in the third minute scored striker «Spartacus» Anton Zlobin. Dinamo managed to equalize early in the second period when the transfer of Ivan Igumnov distinguished Igor polygalov. In the middle period, the defender Juuso Hietanen put Dynamo ahead. He was assisted by Vadim Shipachev.

In the first minute of the final segment of the game Dmitry Yashkin with gear Sipacheva and Michal czajkowski scored another goal in gate «Spartaka». The point in game was put by defender Andrei Mironov, who was assisted by Artem Volkov and Vladislav Efremov.

With this victory, the Dynamo won a second victory in the tournament. In the first match, they defeated Moscow «Vityaz» with the same score — 4:1. «Spartak» has suffered the second defeat of the mayor’s Cup. August 22 «red-white» lost to CSKA — 2:5.

The final game of the tournament will be held on Sunday, August 25. «Spartak» will play with «Vityaz» who badly outplayed CSKA — 5:0. «Dinamo» will meet with CSKA.

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