Sergey Kovalev won by knockout in the battle for the title of world champion in Boxing

Sergey Kovalev won by knockout in the battle for the title of world champion in Boxing

The battle for the title of world championship of the WBO title against Brit Anthony Yard took place in the Palace of sports «the Tractor» in Chelyabinsk

Photo: Valery Sharifullin/TASS

Russian Sergey Kovalev defended the title of world Boxing champion in the light heavyweight category, winning by knockout Anthony Yard from the UK. The fight took place in the Palace of sports «the Tractor» in Chelyabinsk.

In the first round in the ring was an equal fight. Kovalev took jabs (long straight strokes), but Yard tried every time to answer the counter bumps. In the fourth round of the advantage was captured by the Russians. Kovalev was able to deceive the opponent, swinging to the right and powerfully struck a left jab.

In the fifth round, the Russians continued to get jabs, the Yard had a dangerous bumps on the left side. In the middle of the battle the British mouth had a cap, after which the judge briefly interrupted the fight.

The seventh round went to the boxer from the UK, which dramatically upped the tempo and started to get often. In the eighth round, Kovalev missed a few sensitive blows to the head, but the Russians persevered.

In the ninth round Yard took a break, Kovalev has recovered and took out the opponent with several jabs. In the tenth, the Briton was in the verge of a knockout, he was standing at the ropes and almost did not respond to numerous attacks of the opponent — Yards saved by the bell.

In the 11th round, the opponent of the Russians from exhaustion began to buckle his legs. First, after falling to the floor, the referee allowed him to get up, but after aimed hit Kovalev with a left hook was recorded the knockout.

Just for a career, Kovalev held 38 fights of which he won 34. In 29 fights 36-year-old Russian boxer has won by knockout.

The yard suffered the first defeat of his career. Earlier 28-year-old Briton has won 18 fights on a professional ring of 18. In 17 of them he won by knockout.

Previously, «Sport-Express» reportedthat Kovalev will get for the fight against Yard $5 million According to the newspaper, the Briton will earn $3 million At the same time, the Yard will receive only 40% of this amount, the rest will be shared by agents and promoters of the athlete.

In February 2019 Kovalev in Frisco (Texas) defeated the Colombian Eleider Alvarez, regaining the title of the world championship at light heavyweight for the WBO title. At the end of 12 rounds, the referees unanimously gave the advantage to the Russians— 116:112, 116:112, 120:108.

Thus, Kovalev took revenge from Alvarez — the first fight between the boxers was held in August 2018. Then the Colombian has won, sending the Russians into the knockout in the seventh round. The contract for the first fight for the title called for a return fight.

Kovalev won a title of world champion WBO in November 2017. Then he with a technical knockout won against Ukrainian boxer Vyacheslav Shabran.

From 2014 to 2016 Kovalev owned simultaneously by three world championship titles in light heavyweight — WBO, WBA and IBF. The Russians joined at the belt after defeating American Bernard Hopkins. All three of the title he lost after the fight with the other US representative, Andre ward, in November 2016. Six months later, Kovalev played a rematch against ward, but lost it.

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