Rival Kovalev will be an in-depth examination of the cultural and

Rival Kovalev will be an in-depth examination of the cultural and

British boxer Anthony Yard, the losers in the fight against Russian Sergey Kovalev, will pass a thorough medical examination. Such measures are necessary against the background of the death of Maxim Dadasheva after the fight in the United States

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The Secretary General of Federation of Boxing of Russia the Kremlin Umar said that the boxer Anthony Yd pass a thorough medical examination after a knockout in the battle against Sergey Kovalev. It is reported by TASS.

«Yes, he missed a lot of punches. The doctors carefully checked, we have it on the hard control. We have further tightened control after the incident with Dadasheva» he said.

The encounter between Kovalev and the Yard was held in the Palace of sports «the Tractor» in Chelyabinsk. The Russian won by knockout in the 11th round and defended the title of world champion in Boxing at light heavyweight for the WBO title.

Commenting on his victory, Kovalev said that he dedicated it to Maxim Dadashev who died as a result of injuries sustained in a Boxing match in the United States. «I would not like to say it, but it’s true, I dedicate the victory to Maxim Dadashev, may he rest in peace,» he said.

Dadashova battle against the Puerto Rican subiela of Matthias took place on 19 July in Maryland. He was stopped in the 11th round at the request of the Russian side. After retiring from the ring, the 28-year-old athlete lost consciousness. 23 Jul Dadashov died.

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