The Monument Of Ismail Samani

Khujand is located in the Northern part of Tajikistan. It is the second largest city in the country and one of the oldest in Central Asia. According to the census of 2018, there are more than 179 thousand.

Khujand lies in a beautiful valley on the banks of the Syr Darya, around the towering mountains. Due to this arrangement, the air in the town fresh and clean. Khujand is not a modern metropolis, but rather an echo of the Soviet and post-Soviet times. The city streets are quiet and bright, and the people are friendly and helpful. In the markets you can buy a very tasty, juicy and cheap fruit.

Khujand — ancient city. No one can say exactly when people first settled. The date of Foundation is considered Khujand 514 BC

In the VI century BC the city was conquered by Alexander the great and named Alexandria Eschate. In the eighth century it was captured by the Arabs, and the XIII century — the Tatar-Mongols, who almost completely destroyed the city. But thanks to its location and the fact that he passed through the trade route, the city was rebuilt. Over time it has become a major center of science, culture, politics and trade.

In 1866 Khujand was conquered by the Russian Empire and received new opportunities for development. During the Soviet era the city was renamed Leninabad.

Current time in Khudzhand:


(UTC +5)

Currency Tajik somoni
Exchange rate: TJS = 6.77RUB


How to get

To Khujand can be reached from the capital of Tajikistan or Uzbekistan. Taxi from Poprad cost is not too expensive. Path from Dushanbe passes through two mountain passes, the journey takes less than 5 hours.

From Dushanbe to Khujand go train, but this form of transport is not very convenient, as I will have to cross the border with Uzbekistan, and a visit to the Uzbek customs takes a very long time and is characterized by a thoroughness.

Three times a day from the capital to Khujand flights. This movement is not only convenient, but also allows the height to admire the Pamirs. The airport is located 10 km from Khujand.

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What to see in Khujand

A monument to the poet Kamola Khujandi

In Khujand there is a large number of architectural monuments and attractions. But Khujand is not only ruins and medieval buildings. Where the ends of the historic center, start clean and cozy streets with plenty of greenery and low buildings. This part of the city reminiscent of the Soviet past: the monuments to Lenin, images of heroes of the USSR, the wall paintings of farmers and astronauts.

The Citadel Of Khujand

The Khujand fortress is part of the ancient system of fortifications. It is dated VI—V centuries BC To the VI—VII centuries BC the city has grown and the fortress was completed. The citadel of Khujand is one of the most protected in Central Asia.

In the XIII century after a long siege by the troops of Genghis Khan, the fortress was completely destroyed. At the end of the XV century it was rebuilt and it became the residence of the ruler of Khujand. Now in the citadel, is a historical Museum.

Mosque Masjidi Jami

The majestic mosque Masjidi-Jami’, which is also the mausoleum of Sheikh Muslihiddin was built in 1512-1513 and is located in the Western part of the square Panjshanbe.

Mosque Masjidi Jami impresses with its grandeur and monumentality. A huge building, a few dozen columns, delicate quince, delicate carvings, elaborate paintings — all this makes the mosque one of the best in Central Asia.

The building has a large dome in the center and four smaller on the sides. Walls, high archways, doors decorated with mosaics, paintings and carvings. Mosque Masjidi Jami is rightly recognized as an outstanding example of Central Asian art of the middle ages.

The Church Of Mary Magdalene

The mosque and mausoleum of Sheikh Muslihiddin
© Author: Shukhrat Saytievown work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Reference

In 1884, in Khujand appeared the Church of Mary Magdalene. Its construction was sponsored by a rich merchant. In 2005, during a fire the temple was almost completely burnt down. For five years, forgot about it, but in 2010 it was renovated.

Now the Church of Mary Magdalene is a 14-meter building. The dome is adorned with a gilded cross, brought from Moscow. In the Church you can see some icons that survived the fire.

Monument Kamola Khujandi

In the mid 90-ies of XX century. on the square the Stars of Khujand, a monument to the outstanding poet Kamola Khujandi. Actually his name is Kamol al-DIN Ibn Masud, the alias he took in honor of the city where he was born. The monument depicts a poet seated on the backdrop of huge wings, symbolizing the inspiration and Holiness. The sculpture — 3.5 m. a Similar monument is located in the city of Tabriz, where he is buried Kamol Khujandi.

The Monument To Ismail Samani

Above the town rises the monument to Ismail Samani, Amir of the Samanid dynasty. 13-meter bronze statue with gold leaf mounted on a tall stele made of granite. The total height of the monument is 27 m. the Best view of it opens from the river.

City Bazaar in Khujand

Market Panjshanbe (Panchshanbe) allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of the Middle East. On its territory there are the minaret and the mausoleum of Sheikh. On the market sure to try the delicious barbecue and cakes.

Kayrakkum reservoir

One of the largest water reservoirs in the country — Kayrakkum, it is 20 km from Khujand. Pond with length more than 50 m were dug during the Soviet era and was intended for hydroelectric power plants. Now on its shores have sandy beaches and a large number of recreation facilities. The reservoir is famous for a large number of fish.


Almost 80 km from Khujand is a city of Istaravshan. It is the oldest city of Tajikistan. It preserved ancient mausoleums, ruins of a medieval fortress, and more and more from the streets of the city are the beautiful mountains of the Pamirs. To Istaravshan taxi rides.


Where to go in Khujand

In 1884, in Khujand appeared the Church of Mary Magdalene. Its construction was sponsored by a rich merchant….

One of the main urban components — the Khujand fortress, though not completely,…

In the Western part of the square Panjshanbe is a sample of the national architecture of the XVI century mosque of Sheikh…

In Sogdiysky region is the cult complex, all of whose elements are strictly constructed façade to the North. This…

1996 saw the installation of the monument in honor of the 675 anniversary of Tajik poet who took pride of place on …

All the sights of Khujand

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Where to stay in Khujand

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