Khorog is small even by the standards of Tajikistan — it has a population of less than 30 thousand inhabitants. However, it is the main town of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous region. Located at an altitude of over 2,200 m above sea level at the confluence of the mountain rivers of the Panj and Gunt, Khorog is of interest to curious tourists.

The location of the city is unique. It is in a gorge between mountains, which has a significant influence on the climate — warm and dry summer season gives way to not very cold in winter, there is no stinging icy winds.

The distance to the capital of Tajikistan — Dushanbe is 525 km and you can get there via the Pamir highway that runs through town. Another option is to use the flight in a small plane from the local airport. Such flights occur regularly, no more than 2 times a week. The direction of flight of Dushanbe and some other cities of the Republic.

The population of the city are the Pamir Tajiks, the religion of the Muslims-Ismailis. In comparison with other areas of the country, in Khorog a higher level of education, not least because being here a few Universities: Khorog University, the local branch of the University of Central Asia and of the Lyceum of the charity Fund Aga Khan. All this makes this town a cultural and educational center of the region.

Despite this, the status of the city of Khorog acquired relatively recently, in 1932. Nearby, West of the city there passes the state boundary with Afghanistan.

The current time in Khorugh:


(UTC +5)

Currency Tajik somoni
Exchange rate: TJS = 6.77RUB


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What to see in Khorog

With regard to the architectural appearance of the city, it is diverse. The center features the same type of buildings of the Soviet era. Next to the river Gunt and hills is a large number of ornate Tajik houses with the features (for example, large terraces). The streets of Khorog planted poplars (which is in contrast to the local nature). There are new hotels and restaurants because tourists who want to see the Pamir, be sure to stop here.

But the town itself has interesting sights.

Further East, on the coastal terraces located a local Botanical garden. Gursky. He ranks second in the world on tall height above sea level (over 2,300 m). Founded in 1940, in our time, it has more than 4000 species of plants from around the world, including the unique, grows only in the high mountain climate.

There is a real Oriental Bazaar, working on the weekends. 30 km from the town there is an ancient structure Kofir-Kala, including the ruins of the citadel and two temples of sun worship.

In the city development the active participation of international organizations, development Fund of the UN, because tourists every year becomes more and more. Which, of course, brings large economic benefits to Khorog.

City Park

The sights of Khorog and the surrounding area:


Where to go in Khorog

In accordance with the official documents signed by the government of the Republic on the territory of the Pamir…

One of the highest peaks of the Pamirs is Peak Lenin complex. The top of the ridge of Chon-Alai has a height of…

This top is proud of the 50-th place among the highest mountains of the world. Height of 7495 meters, higher than the peak…

1 tourist was here
At a height of more than 2 thousand meters above sea level, near the shoreline of deep Shahdara in the East…

The pride of the villagers Bogev, spread out in three dozens of kilometers from Khorog, we can assume Kofir-Kala …

All the sights of Khorog

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