In the Soviet Union there was no sex?

In the Soviet Union there was no sex?

They say that in Soviet Union there was no sex? Maybe… But in the Soviet cinema a little bit there.

In the first photo — Sasha Yakovlev and Leonid Filatov in the controversial scene in the film Alexander Mitta «Crew», 1979.

Lena Koreneva in the «Romance of the lovers» by Andrei Konchalovsky, 1974.

Light Volume in the scene, bathing the Parliament in Loteanu film «the camp leaves in the sky» 1976. In the West it was immediately called a sex symbol. Roma have condemned, saying that a true Gypsy would never do that.

Husband, Ellochka-ogress in the movie «12 chairs» Leonid Gaidai (1971) and Zakharov (1976) performed Abdulov and Yasulovich.

Breasts Natalia Arinbasarova in the film A. Konchalovsky’s «First teacher», 1965.

Leonid Kulagin and Natalia Ore in the romance of Andrei Smirnov, «Autumn», 1974.

«The Earth» Alexander Dovzhenko. A silent film in 1930. In the frame of a Nude Elena Maksimova is an actress that we remember only roles women. Here she is suffering for the slain husband.

Nastya Vertinskaya and «the amphibian Man» in 1961. Swimsuit gutiere excited no less 🙂

«Innocent» Light Svetlichnaya.

Very long time to undress, while Nikulin said to her: «she asks, just look at me! I’m yours!» «The diamond arm», 1968

Rita Terekhova in the film Frunze Dovlatyana «Hello, it’s me!», 1965.

Irina Kupchenko in the melodrama Julia Reisman «the Strange woman», 1978.

Bare ass flashed often in our films. And Papanova in the «Diamond hand», and Frunzik Mkrtchyan in «Mimino», and Yevgeny Pavlovich Leonov in «Striped flight» in 1961.

Isolde Izvitskaya and Oleg Strizhenov in a film by Grigoriy Chukhray «Forty-first», 1956.

Irina Mazurkevich in the film Alexander Mitta «How Tsar Peter arapa married», 1976.

The wife of Andrei Tarkovsky, Irina Tarkovskaya, in the film «Andrei Rublev», 1966.

Still from the film Grigory Kohana «Yaroslav the Wise», 1981.

Prisoner of the Caucasus — Natasha Varley. 1967. The latest fashion — tights. Yes, and blue. And even without a petticoat.

A harem of «White sun of the desert» by Vladimir Motyl, 1969. By the way, one of the wives of Abdullah played a real prostitute.

Tanya Dogileva in the film Julia Reisman «Private life», 1982.

Gosha and Katya. The Director Alentova. Tale 1979.

Zemfira of the tsakhilov and Leonid Filatov in the movie «the Birds», 1982.

1972. «The dawns here are quiet» by Stanislav Rostotsky.

Scene bathing Fedot Vaskov and Zhenya Komelkova. Martynov and Ostroumova.

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