Ho Chi Minh city

The largest city of Vietnam and the economic capital of the country. Here developed a lot of industries; it is estimated that 40% of Vietnam’s exports comes from Ho Chi Minh city.

The city was founded in 1698. With the arrival of French colonialists in 1859 became the administrative center of the colony Cochinchina. Prior to 1975 the city was still called Saigon, and the capital has never been, unless you count that existed just 20 years of the puppet Republic of Viet Nam. In Vietnamese the name of the town in Latin is written as Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh (abbreviated TPHCM), and read «Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh».

The population of Ho Chi Minh city is 8 426 000 people and is growing steadily thanks to the visitors from various provinces and other cities. The city sprawls over a large area on the right Bank of Saigon river, near the coast of the South China sea near the Mekong Delta, so the height above sea level is quite small — about 2 to 15 meters.

In the architectural appearance of the city was filled with the many traditions and styles — this Indo-Chinese, and Western, and classical Chinese as well as others. In addition, in Ho Chi Minh city has a large number of ethnic Chinese in the large block attached to Saigon in the early twentieth century. Now he is a huge Cholon district in the West of the city, famous for in the first place, bustling with trade.

In Ho Chi Minh city you can see many interesting buildings and colonial buildings, Notre Dame Cathedral, Buddhist temples and pagoda, the Presidential Palace, mosques, and more.

Founded: 1698 year
Area: 2096 km2
Population: 8 426 000 people (2016)
Currency: Vietnamese Dong
Language: Vietnamese
Of.website: http://www.hochiminhcity.gov.vn
Flight time:
from Moscow — 9 hours 30 min.
from St. Petersburg — 16 hours 5 min. (1-3 transplant)
from Kazan — 17 hours 50 min. (1-3 transplant)
from Yekaterinburg, 17 hours and 35 minutes (1-2 change)
from Novosibirsk — 12 hours 30 min (1-2 change)
Current time in Ho Chi Minh city:


(UTC +7)

In addition, from the Ho Chi Minh city you can easily get to the neighbouring province of Tay Ninh where many beautiful temples katiska, as well as in the Mekong Delta region.


How to get

From Domodedovo airport with regular flights to Ho Chi Minh city are performed by the airline «Vietnam airlines» is the main carrier in the country. In Ho Chi Minh city aircraft landing at the airport of tan son Nhat. Boeing «Vietnam airlines» have all conditions for comfortable flight, including a lot of technical equipment such as screens mounted on seatbacks, etc. During the flight all passengers twice offer hot meals, as well as a certain amount of alcohol. It is also worth noting that the «Vietnam airlines» there are special rates for residents of other Russian cities, which thanks to this is much easier to get to Vietnam with a connection at Moscow Domodedovo airport (if you fly from Vladivostok docked in Seoul).

Office in Moscow: Moscow, Frunze 3rd St., 1, p. 1., 5892450 telephone, Fax 5892552. Office in Domodedovo airport: room 512, 5th floor, time 14.00–20.00, tel 9268661, Fax 9268661, E-mail: vnmow_ope@breezz.ru.

Transaero also operates flights to Ho Chi Minh city, their frequency is due, in the first place, the season, so the aircraft of the airline to Vietnam you can fly in the period from December to April. Departure from Domodedovo airport.

The airline S7 («Siberia») also has regular flights to Ho Chi Minh city, but not from Moscow and from Novosibirsk. Planes fly once every two weeks.

Connecting flights

The airline «Cathay Pacific» from Moscow with a stopover in Hong Kong.

The airline «Thai» from Moscow with a stopover in Bangkok.

With Qatar Airways from Moscow with a stopover in Doha. Often Qatar Airways bribe very best rates.

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Airline «Asiana» from Khabarovsk and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk with a stopover in Seoul (Incheon airport).

The airline «Korean Air» from Vladivostok, Irkutsk, Moscow and St. Petersburg with a stopover in Seoul (Incheon airport).

Airline «Japan Airlines» from Moscow with a stopover in Tokyo (Narita airport).

There are more complex variants — with two changes. However, during sale periods airlines they it makes sense to use due to attractive prices. For example, you can get to Ho Chi Minh city with airline Air France from Moscow and St. Petersburg, with stopovers in Paris and Bangkok.

You should definitely remember that long flights are associated with a certain risk to the health of passengers, poorly tolerate such loads.


Climate and weather in Ho Chi Minh city

Weather forecast

+26 … +32°C


s, 4 m/s

+26 … +29°C


s, 6 m/s

+26 … +29°C


s, 5 m/s

+26 … +30°C


NW, 3 m/s

+24 … +25°C


SW, 1 m/s

+24 … +27°C


SW 7 m/s

Weather in Ho Chi Minh city for 10 and 14 days on the «Weather.Turister.Ru»

Weather in Ho Chi Minh city by months

day, °C
by night, °C
The number
precipitation, mm
January 32 21 26
February 32 22 10
March 33 23 15
April 35 25 50
May 35 25 200
June 33 24 325
July 33 24 300
August 33 24 275
September 33 24 325
October 33 23 225
November 32 23 100
December 33 22 50



What to see in Ho Chi Minh city

As for attractions, the Central part of the city has some interesting places for tourists.

Clicking on the links in the text, you can get more information about the project (description, location map, admission, time work, how to reach, photographs, reviews of tourists, etc.). If you are interested in the attractions of Vietnam as a whole, without division into the city, there is a special section.

Presidential Palace

The presidential Palace is an example of European influence in the architecture of Ho Chi Minh city. In this Palace during the war with the United States, lived the head of South Vietnam, allies of the Americans. The Palace on pedestals are two tanks — the Soviet and Chinese production. These first tanks broke into the Palace during the assault in 1975.

The Museum of relics of the war

This is one of the most interesting and visited museums in Ho Chi Minh city. Numerous exhibits (different types of weapons used during the war; the documents telling about the horrific actions of the us troops, etc.) could not be better tell about the inhumanity of the us-Vietnam slaughter. It is worth noting that before this Museum was called the Museum of American war crimes.

District Cu Chi

This area is remote from the centre of Ho Chi Minh city, but, nevertheless, is often visited by tourists. The fact that there has been preserved a system of underground tunnels and labyrinths, which were used by the Vietcong to penetrate from the jungle into Saigon and committing the city’s various diversions. For a fee tourists can shoot at targets with Kalashnikov assault rifles, as well as from the American M-16 rifles.


The zoo is home to more than 520 individuals of 120 species, many of which are pretty exotic for the Europeans animals.

Botanical garden

In the Botanical garden in the area of 20 hectares 1830 grows a variety of trees and plants, some of which are already more than 100 years. For example, here you can find 20 species of orchids, 32 species of cactus and 34 species of ornamental dwarf trees.

The Ben Thanh Market

Is the largest market in Ho Chi Minh city and simultaneously one of the most expensive in the world, if we talk about leasing commercial space. The market is very often visited by tourists, even those who came very briefly on a cruise ship. Here you can buy different clothes, exotic goods, Souvenirs, etc.


Where to go in Ho Chi Minh city

11 tourists were here
The presidential Palace is an example of European influence in the architecture of Ho Chi Minh city. In this Palace during

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The zoo is home to more than 520 individuals of 120 species, many of which are pretty exotic for Europeans…

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This is one of the most interesting and visited museums in Ho Chi Minh city. Numerous exhibits (various types of weapons…

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This area is remote from the centre of Ho Chi Minh city, but, nevertheless, is often visited by tourists. The fact that there…

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Jade Emperor pagoda — Taoist religious building in Ho Chi Minh city, built by the Chinese community in …

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Thien Hau pagoda (Thien Hau) is a temple in Chinese style, devoted to the patroness of sailors of the lady Thien Hau,…

All the attractions of Ho Chi Minh city

Interesting sights in Ho Chi Minh city


Museums and galleries


Parks and recreation


Shops and markets


Private guides in Ho Chi Minh city

More details of Ho Chi Minh will help you to see Russian private guides.
The project Experts.Turister.Ru was 4 Russian tour guide in Ho Chi Minh city.

Irina Capital
87 travelers

Catherine Cho
19 travelers

Victor Nguyen
12 travelers

Timur Nguyen
40 of the city’s


What to do

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If you arrive in Ho Chi Minh city in the summer, in the period from mid-may to end of August, you can catch the «southern fruit festival»isheld here every year. At this time, you can learn a lot about the most exotic fruit, vynashivalas in Vietnam, and also to buy all sorts at very affordable prices (discounts of 20-40% compared to market value).

In Ho Chi Minh city has always been a big celebrated Christmas and New year. As the holidays fall on the dry season, the number of tourists these days increases significantly. The city held a parade, fireworks, mass dancing in the street festival and similar events.



About shopping in Ho Chi Minh city you can read our article «Shopping in Vietnam«.


Communication in Ho Chi Minh city

For calls to other countries, in Vietnam there are special meeting points and street payphones. Living in hotels have the ability to make calls directly from there, but it is quite expensive.

To call from Russia to Ho Chi Minh city need to recruit 8-10-84-8-phone number, if you dial from a mobile phone, the «8-10» should be replaced by «+». For calls from Vietnam to Russia dial: 007-city code-subscriber’s number.

The cell connection is no problem, since the agreement with the Vietnamese companies have all the three largest Russian operators — MTS, Beeline and MegaFon. Vietnamese operators: MobiFone, VinaFone, S-Fone, G-Tel, Vietnamobile, Viettel Mobile. SIM card Vietnamese operator costs about $ 5 that includes 30 minutes of conversation.

In many hotels you can come out to the Internet, there are Internet cafes.

Useful phone numbers

Police 113
Ambulance 115
Fire protection 114

The Russian Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh city

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To buy a SIM card



One of the most serious crimes experienced by tourists in Vietnam are pickpocketing, which occur more or less regularly. In this regard, it is recommended not to carry cash and documents in your back pockets. The best option is to keep them in the safe at the hotel and carry a small amount of money and a photocopy of the passport. In addition, tourists should be careful in the calculations, as the Vietnamese sometimes not averse to fool visitors.

You need to be careful when dealing with the local «priestesses of love», which often are not averse to profit the wallet of their clients. Gambling foreigners can play only in special institutions, and the attempt to involve local residents in them may result in criminal prosecution. Especially strictly punished everything related to narcotics possession, distribution, use. Punishment in this case, apply the most severe, up to death penalty. This is a traditional practice in South-East Asia.

Tourists should exercise judgment during the holidays. In particular, this applies to the use of alcohol as the «touched» tourist in Vietnam can easily get into trouble, become the victim of a robbery, etc. When bathing is to follow an ocean surf, which can become a source of danger.

With regard to health, before coming to Vietnam, you need to attend to the issue of registration of medical insurance (regular or extended). You can also pay International SOS to provide medical services in the offices in Vietnam. Address in Hanoi 31 Hai Ba Trung in the Central part of the city. Phone — 9340555.

You need to be careful when ordering food in Vietnamese cuisine, which is quite unusual for Europeans because of its severity, the abundance of spices and exotic ingredients. If you overestimate your strength, it’s likely the problems with the stomach and intestines.


Where to stay in Ho Chi Minh city

Company Booking.com offers for booking more than 4030 hotels Ho Chi Minh city.
You can choose a hotel using a variety of filters: the star hotel, type of hotel (hotel, apartment, Villa, hostel, etc.), cost, location, scores of people visited the hotel, the presence of Wi-Fi and more. Go in service of selecting and booking a hotel in Ho Chi Minh city.

Last booked hotels in Ho Chi Minh city

A list of hotels Ho Chi Minh city you can find on our website that lists the amenities in the rooms and in the hotels, and has photos as hoteliers and tourists. See them all and read the reviews of tourists in the special category «Hotels in Ho Chi Minh city«.

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