Boxer Yard escaped injury after a knockout in the fight with Kovalev

Boxer Yard escaped injury after a knockout in the fight with Kovalev

The British athlete after the defeat on Saturday night was admitted to hospital because of poor health. At the hospital, the boxer underwent a medical examination which did not reveal health problems


British boxer Anthony Yard escaped injury in the battle against Sergey Kovalev, reports «RIA Novosti» , citing a source familiar with the situation. After yesterday’s battle, the athlete complained on health, which was sent for a medical examination.

The survey did not reveal the Yard of any health problems, confirmed to TASS the representative of the boxer. «Anthony is in order. The help of doctors we don’t need,» he said. It is noted that the residence time in the medical center, the athlete was examined and did him an MRI.

The encounter between Kovalev and the Yard took place on Saturday at the Palace of sports «the Tractor» in Chelyabinsk. The Russian athlete won with a knockout in the 11th round by defending the title at light heavyweight for the WBO title.

In the course of a Boxing career, Kovalev scored 34 wins in 38 fights, winning 29 fights by knockout. For Yard yesterday’s defeat was the first in his career — informed athlete scored 18 wins in 18 fights on a professional ring, winning 17 times by knockout.

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