9 pornoparty on the superhero movie, which would be a shame to watch even one

9 pornoparty on the superhero movie, which would be a shame to watch even one

Every year on the big screen kinodely throw a few paintings: 3-4 solo album, crossovers, spin-offs. Accompanied by paintings and ancillary material such as souvenir stuff, and when games. Nothing new, they do not carry, but gave the authors of the history to implement ideas, cut off from the Director’s meter. But the story is quite different: we’ve got porn parody. They do not make any claim on the accuracy or depth of the plot — their goes the entertainment, Comedy and feelings of fans universes. But shouldn’t the intellectually impotent. We are crying from the pain, I found for you 9 most insane pornoparty, which could outdo the parody of Reynolds in Green Lantern. And gave you the trailers. Forgive us, please.


Let’s start with the home team. In cinemas do not have time to cool down the corpse of the universe Sony, and Wood Rocket has removed his remake. In terms of quality and story, it is not inferior to the original, but the charisma of Tom hardy Eddie Coke is not enough. As the brutality of his symbiote. But a lot of talk about the 40-minute picture, there is no need — everything is there in the trailer.

Justice is coming

The pun won’t translate: you’re not small, you know. It is a pity that it is only a slogan — the name of boring on order and a carbon copy of the original without subtitles. Surprisingly, the story was enough for 2 honest hours, only they differ only in the costumes of the source of the article journal in which all articles steal — BroDude.ru and hairstyles of the heroes actions are always alone. Well, at least the Bat-nipples, no, and thanks for that.

The main highlight of the tape (as, however, and any suitable parody) — in humor. And let the story no one thought the dialogue in porn is an endless source of jokes and puns.

First Avenger

Harsh and a bit pathetic Captain, as in the original story, must purchase their hand during the experiment. The same General, the same Dr. Erskine, the documentary is not the same Steve, not the same Carter-ladder, but the Canon did not last long: one of the parts of the Captain’s superpowers have not received. To offer the guess bit pointless, but here’s the story propellerom: not all of it is bad, and it works as it should.

Suicide squad

Axel Braun is a genius superhero parodies for adults. With his light hand on a paid and sometimes free resources with the R rating a year out to 7 tapes with a curious content. Mater even crossed the heroes of different universes, so unsurprisingly, ubiquitous in all senses hand author took «the source of the article journal in which all articles steal — BroDude.ru Squad» quality is even higher craft DC. The team became Killerrodan, lost one to a Mexican and scaly misunderstandings. Instead we got Joker, who doesn’t look like that’s going to March under the rainbow flag, and a bunch of characters with smaller cameo roles.


And again the tape of brown. Axl — old porn Director, and his father, the son, — the genes in one word. But exactly to «Batman» all pornoparty not pleasing to the eye is dull, grey, low-cost. Movie almost Russian, only with penises in the frame. But «Bats» changed everything: 100 000$ budget, and this is the same car from the 60’s! Brown spent on costumes, makeup, Svetovidov, even the dialogues are not confined to the game, the bat-signal and the penis. Batman XXX is customary to count down the time expensive adult film geeks, and classics need to know.

Superman vs. Spider-Man

Where that heard that Clark Kent was able to fight Peter Parker? But they really cooperated, and once even officially. Their meeting you can find in the crossover Marvel and DC (not the best, but useful experience), in panixine (not recommended: there is terrible) and pornoparty. Here, by the way, Kent naturally won, but what he did to poor Mary Jane, common sense can not be. Even a special web Peter did not help.

Guardians of the Galaxy

James Gunn, in spite of possible speculation due to its Twitter, the relationship to this painting has. As the ban on drugs: the man dressed as a tree from the school performance at first glance absurd, but if you look closely, it’s not a tree at all. Holy, Holy, Wood Rocket! Your team Gnardian’s will haunt us until the end of life.


Traditionally in the genre of pornoparty is in the air the aroma of sexism, and that’s fine in terms of industry. The creation of Vivid Entertainment departs from tradition: here you will find and same-sex relationships. And somehow not with his hands would push up the Text taken from chic BroDude.ru minutnogo male solo album of the strongest character of the Land. Green skin and a Frank costume itself has tried WWF star Rank (Chyna), and jokes girl a little worse than a beating in the ring. Not only joking, of course.

Power Rangers

The last character of the list has nothing to do with the two pillars of superheroine, but most direct — to madness. Power Rangers has always been a better team, but the higher the rating, the tighter the connection. Combine into a giant warrior, they are not a pyramid, but the shock of Megaranger quite a 21+ below to put it would be dangerous. Unfortunately, the Power Bangers came out better than its virgin counterpart.

We talked about pornoparty shot in big studios with big budgets. But every year hand-feeds more than ten times. Most of them dull and mediocre spectacle, but there are also original stories.

The main problem of the genre — financing: people are less and less willing to sponsor the content, which actively consume. This encounter not only the kings of porn and sport channels, independent writers, music video, a trend observed worldwide. Have you ever heard of a man who bought a premium account at «Pornhube» or directly on the website Brazzers? But pornoparty there is at least hope. It would be logical to attach them to additional staff blockbusters along with merch and games, especially as the quality of the first in the times higher, and the fans — a lot more. Marvel, DC, we hope that you will one day see this and wonder about it. No matter how bad they are, the wit they can not refuse.

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