The cause of unsuccessful docking of «Soyuz» with the ISS

Названа причина неудачной стыковки «Союза» с МКС

The reason for the unsuccessful docking of «Soyuz MS-14» from under him robot Fedor steel not previously encountered oscillations, said cosmonaut Vladimir Solovyov.

He noted that the problems began when the ship approached the ISS to a distance of 200 meters. Then began the vibrations, and it became clear that to make a connection in automatic mode is impossible.

Solovyov added that the new attempt at docking would be made on Monday morning. All equipment on the «Union» working, he in no way lost, said the astronaut. The station has all the tools to repair equipment, and the crew knows how to do it.

Earlier NASA said that the ship is no system manual the control mode of docking. Sitting, instead of the vehicle commander Android is not capable of docking because it is not inherent in its functions.


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