The basis for the birth in 1682 the settlement of Philadelphia became a mythical legend of ancient Babylon. The adoration of the Quaker William Penn and his followers, the Babylonian ideas about human settlement in which the world is ruled by hot brotherly affection, first resulted in a small building on the banks of the Delaware river in the Eastern region of the USA. Of the most significant American city, new York, «idealistic Paradise» separated a little more than 70 km and Verbatim from the Greek word «Philadelphia» means «city of brotherly love». In the peaceful village all the inhabitants were to be to each other these «brethren», to be able to work hard for the greater good — create a city friendly dream.

Views of Philadelphia from the observation deck of One Liberty

Modern Philadelphia is far from the utopian fantasies of the brotherhood of Quakers. Over the years the city grew strongly and the number of residents living in the centre and surrounding area, took a strong fifth place among the metropolises of the USA. The population of Philadelphia currently has more than 1.5 million people, and if we add the overall figures of the number of inhabitants in the suburbs, you get a solid number striving steadily to 6 million. Administrative settlement belongs to the state of Pennsylvania and is not only the most significant city in the region, but also the largest. However, the capital of Philadelphia is not, this function is performed by the city of harrisburg.

The city has a rich history, worth at least the fact that Philadelphia in 1790 was even the first capital of the state and chief town of the American States. In 1776 there had been an event, let the life of America according to the new tracks. The whole world knows the date at the beginning of July, associated with the legendary adoption of the Declaration of independence and became forever a day of national celebration for Americans.

The face of the current Philadelphia almost fully based on old architectural plans of William Penn. The urban development plan, created over 300 years ago for the convenience and safety of the citizens, became the basis of the Central part of the city. US East at all times was subject to the threat of fires, which caused the optimum distribution of residential and administrative buildings in the Central areas of local cities considering large areas of open space. Downtown Philadelphia was riddled with «smart» network of straight streets, obeying a clear order of directions from North to South and from East to West. Urban vectors of the streets had an impressive length and was divided waterways of the rivers Schuylkill and Delaware. The project leader of the Quakers was given «light» of the city, which were designed to address five Central parks. Up to our days their role of air filtration from dirt perform Logan square, Washington square, Central square, Rittenhouse square and Franklin square.

Bridge Benjamin Franklin.

The heart of the city in our days is still the Central area, which adjoin the impressive parts of the city, for convenience, called North, South, West, North-West and South-West. Americans across the country belong to Philadelphia with sympathy, connect the city with key historical events in the country and lovingly referred to as the giant settlement Philly. The city is characterized with the slow pace and rhythm, which theoretically should not be typical of a densely populated bustling metropolis. Life in a large settlement flows peacefully and comfortably and that Philadelphia is the fifth largest and the size of a U.S. city, the streets are nothing like. Except that at first glance it becomes clear that the city is not alien to the Majesty of aristocrat of high society settlements of the state.

Distance 45 miles trains from new York to Philly to overcome for a half hour. A little time, and guests of the city are among gorgeous parks, majestic buildings and historical monuments in the Kingdom of peace and tranquility.

Founded: 1682
Size: 369.62 km2
Population: 1 580 863 people (2017)
Currency: American dollar
Language: English
Flight time:
from Moscow — 13 hours 13 min. (1-4 transplant)
from Saint Petersburg — from 15 hours and 30 minutes (1-4 transplant)
from Kazan — 17 hours 20 min (2-3 transplants)
from Yekaterinburg, 16 hours and 50 minutes (2 changes)
from Novosibirsk — from 20 hours and 15 minutes (2-3 transplants)
Current time in Philadelphia:


(UTC -5)

Rate: USD = 65.62RUB

Philadelphia youth was a favorite town of the American President Benjamin Franklin. The head of state did not skimp on the investment of material resources in the development of the settlement in the years of his reign USA. The locals still use the full traces of love Franklin in the city that left a legacy of Philadelphia’s collection of unique buildings, a University and library.


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Climate and weather in Philadelphia

Pleasant walks and familiarity with the locality favored by the local climate. According to the geographical terms it can be called continental with high humidity levels. Coloring weather give light touch intervention subtropical influence. The heat in Philadelphia during the warmer time of the year is never sweltering, the temperature readings in the summer are kept within +22…+250C. Not has the patience and winter, the thermometer rarely goes beyond minus 1…+30C. Weather events in the form of precipitation for many years in a row are of the number in 1000 mm per year.


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The Philadelphia region is fully provided with transport services. All types of transport, including buses, trolleybuses, trams and metro are under the jurisdiction of the Transportation company South-Eastern part of Pennsylvania, known in the country under the name of SERTA.

The construction of the most important kind of transport — metro Philadelphia, began at the dawn of the last century. The first line has earned in 1907, 21 years later it launched its 2nd branch. Currently in the Arsenal of this mode of transport 2 important threads: «Market Frankford» and «broad Street», 50 stations, connecting in a single whole 40 km. The map of railway branch «Market Frankford» can be found at the colour blue, branch «broad Street», named after the eponymous street, located almost parallel to the scheme of movement of underground, shown on the map in bright orange. The first of the lines is controversial promotion, ground stations interchange with underground lines. Second line mostly runs above ground. The passenger traffic of the Philadelphia metro is very impressive, during the day, subway to 290 thousand passengers, which is 6 among other similar systems of the United States.

A streetcar in Philadelphia is vaguely reminiscent of the metro, as it also has underground and ground track. This mode of transport economy richer: the length of 84 km, the number of stops reaches 85 points. The scheme of movement of trams in tune with the geometric notion of «parallelism», it’s like she copies the direction of the subway, hiding in the center of the underground tunnels and struggling to the surface at the edges of the large settlements.

In the service of the residents of the suburbs work nimble electric trains, known in Philly, called Regional Rail. The surrounding area of the agglomerate associated with the center of the 8 routes, one of which leads to the neighboring town to Trenton, though in the vicinity of Philadelphia, but relating to the state of new Jersey. Another city from the same state Camden, is closely associated with the Philadelphia economic ties, connect with each other, the branch is red PATCO.

Buses and trolleybuses citizens rarely used, believing them to be slower and less comfortable mode of transport for the metropolis.


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What to see in Philadelphia

Given the history of the fifth largest city in the USA, once it becomes clear that in Philadelphia there are plenty of interesting places that are worth a look. Experienced tourists never come to this unique city for a couple of days to enjoy all the pleasures of Philadelphia only a few visits or locality dedicating your entire vacation. Paying tribute to iconic places associated with the history of the American state, is to give yourself a few days relaxing walks in the green parks and squares, bustling commercial centers, trendy restaurants, cinemas and other centres of culture and entertainment. Philadelphia — national pride a large and significant country, so come here to visit not only tourists from all over the world, but the Americans themselves.

Top travel Olympus in the city has been and will remain at all times the legendary independence hall. In the halls of this magnificent building were decided the fates of not only the United States, but created the future political structure of the globe. Under the arches of the walls and ceiling of independence hall, securely holds the secrets of history, was adopted and proclaimed the Declaration of Independence in the 70-ies of the 17th century, the United States Constitution in 1787. Next to this magic for Americans building rests a symbol of independence of the North American States — the Liberty Bell. A unique tool that heralded the birth world and making the instrument of independence, adjacent to Congress Hall, the walls of which were delivered signatures to the important document «Bill of rights».

Masonic temple

Philadelphia — a key subject for the economy of the United States of America. Near independence hall there is a striking confirmation in the form of the complex is the famous historic commercial buildings of the First and Second Bank of the country. Money flows through the halls of these buildings did not pass, now the buildings have become home to the National gallery of portraits, stock market and customs authorities. Near the monuments of the US economy is and the Betsy Ross House. Old legends say that in it was born the first flag of the American state.

The pearl of the historical centre of Philadelphia is considered to be a religious group from several churches belonging to different denominations. Here merged into a single complex the Methodist Church, named after St. George, Christ Church, where people came to pray to the Almighty US presidents George Washington and Benjamin Fraklin and Joseph’s Church. All these buildings are on the oldest American Alberta the alley, framed by the Girard Fountain Park is a green oasis of fanciful flora. The alley Elverta love weekends walking the locals, you can always meet a group of curious tourists.

Among the most important curiosities of Philadelphia highlighted the main station of the citythat have undergone serious reconstruction. Every resident of the American state knows the first Western store «Wanamakers», which became a great-grandfather of all the famous supermarkets in the world, Powell House, market goods from Sunny Italy, Aquarama.

Maritime Museum

On the coast waterways city of Delaware tourists tend to visit Penns landing, according to the old legend it was here when you throw your anchor Creator Philadelphia Quaker William Penn. And indeed, the picturesque waterfront with an opening view of the panorama of the Benjamin-Franklin-bridge was and remains the most popular area of the village for residents and visitors alike.

Fans of water art love to wander through the unique Maritime Museumwhere for free open a real cruiser Olympia and submarine Begun. Families with young children often choose for Hiking trips of the Park metropolis Fairmount Park, which occupies almost 40 hectares of land. Walk along the shady alleys of the Park gradually becomes a journey through the Kingdom of fauna. Animal «house» is recognized as the oldest zoo of America, and serves as a shelter for 2000 animals of different families and species.

Museums Of Philadelphia

The cascade of the 72 stages have to overcome those who want to see near Museum of fine arts, Philadelphia. More than 220 thousand exhibits keep the Museum exhibition rooms dedicated to the subject of painting and sculpture. Here are the original works of such famous artists as Picasso, Renoir and Rousseau. 200 galleries in the temple of art displays masterpieces of American authors of different eras, creations of European and Asian masters of the art. Rewarded to the one who will easily rise to the top of the ladder leading to the Museum, will be the panoramic view of the city opens here, at a glance. Bonus for fans of Hollywood cinema will be the fact that near the stairs there is another interesting name — the steps rocky Balboa. American movie star Sylvester Stallone spent on stone stairs so much time during the filming of the cult film about the boxer rocky that it was decided to erect a monument to «practice patience» to his hero.

Museum of art

For professionals in the medical world a very interesting place will be the Museum of medical history mutter. Over many years, failed to gather here for the experts: exclusive medical equipment, information about the types of medical pathologies, biological material. In the Arsenal of the Museum, there are several shocking exhibits: a human skull of unusual shape, mini-intestine size 12.5 cm, the corpse of the female, which eventually became similar to myleopathy substance, skeletons with unusual defects of the bones and organs of people with degenerative lesions.

University of Pennsylvania , organized in Philadelphia a permanent exposition of archaeological and anthropological discoveriesmade by American specialists in the course of expeditions of scientists in Africa, Latin America and East Asia. In the churches of different epochs and kinds collected outlandish religious rarities. For fans of extreme sports will seem interesting tour through the Aquarium adventure in which you are willing to share their secrets of 8000 representatives of the mysterious world of the oceans and seas. In whatever field does not lay the interests of the residents of Philadelphia and visitors to the metropolis, everyone is sure to find in the city area, which will be on his soul and heart.


Where to go in Philadelphia

Viewpoint One Liberty, also known as Philly From The Top, located on the 57th floor of a skyscraper, One Liberty…

The medical history Museum of mutter perhaps the most chilling Museum of America. Here rich collection of photos…

Masonic temple of Philadelphia is a national historic landmark. It is opposite the Philadelphia…

Independence hall is considered to be the place where he created the modern United States. Here were signed and discussed…

The Liberty bell, located in Philadelphia, is one of the most important symbols of the United States. In the history of the country…

Another of the oldest is the Philadelphia Museum of art Institute. It was founded in 1826. It was then passed…

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