Khabarovsk — one of the largest economic, financial, and transportation centers of the far East region. In 2017, its population is more than 616 thousand people. The city is situated on the banks of the Amur river at a distance of 6100 kilometres from the capital of Russia. Khabarovsk is the administrative center of Khabarovsk Krai, and it is often considered the capital of the Far East.

Began the history of Khabarovsk more than three centuries ago, when trader and Pathfinder Erofey Khabarov went on an expedition to develop new lands in the Amur region. In honor of the achievements of this man, who contributed to the expansion of the boundaries of the Russian state, the city was given its name. Laid as a military post Khabarovka 31 may 1858, soldiers of the 13th line battalion. They commanded the captain Y. V. Dyachenko. The population here has grown quickly, attracting the natural resources of the region. 22 years later the settlement was given the status of city, administrative center of Primorye region. The modern name of the city acquired in 1893.

After the civil war in Khabarovsk began to develop rapidly in all spheres of life: economic, social, cultural. Since 1922 the far Eastern Republic is part of the RSFSR. And since 1938, the city became the center of Khabarovsk Krai. In the second half of XX century there were many large historical events such as the commissioning of CHP plants and large factories, the opening of the TV Studio, holding scientific congresses, and much more.
Since 2002, the Khabarovsk became the center of the far Eastern district, which now shelters the Ministry, the headquarters of the military district and many important organizations. Assigned to the Khabarovsk and the title «City of military glory». Located close to the Russian border gives you the opportunity to actively develop trade, economic and cultural ties with the countries of the Pacific region.

Founded: 1858
Size: 383 km2
Population: 618 150 people (2018)
Currency: Russian ruble
Language: Russian
Flight time:
from Moscow — from 7 hours 55 min.
from St. Petersburg — 10 hours 35 min.
Kazan — from 9 hours 30 min.
from Yekaterinburg, from 6 hours 15 min.
from Novosibirsk — 4 hours 45 min.
Current time in Khabarovsk:


(UTC +10)

The city lives a vibrant cultural life. Here are not only contemporary events, but also revive ancient festivals, culinary traditions and crafts of the peoples of the Amur region. Tourists come here to explore the unique culture of indigenous peoples of the Far East, with its rich nature of these edges. Amur river and forests attract lovers of fishing and hunting.


How to get

The distance from Moscow to Khabarovsk is 6141 km. But if you can get here on the highway, it will be 8400 km.


Khabarovsk airport is one of the largest airports in the far East region. For the year it transports more than two million people. Here are the flights of aircraft as large Russian and foreign companies, and flight of the far Eastern carriers.

The airport receives daily dozens of planes from different cities of our country and abroad. There is a direct flight between Moscow and Khabarovsk, the minimum flight time is 8-9 hours. Transportation of passengers from the capital of Russia is performed by the North wind, Aeroflot, Icarus and others. Direct flights from St. Petersburg to this region yet, the transplant is usually done in the city of Novosibirsk.

The airport of Khabarovsk takes a lot of Airliners from different cities of Russia and from neighbouring countries. There is constant air communication with China, Korea, Japan and other countries.

Khabarovsk airport is 10 km from the city centre. By bus you can get here in 50 minutes, by car takes about half an hour. Taxi it is best to order from the airport by phone, if you negotiate directly with the driver in the terminal building, the price may increase by 3-4 times.

By train

To travel by train to Khabarovsk, it may be cheaper, but it will take much more time. For example, if you depart from Moscow Yaroslavl station, the journey time will be 6-7 days. From St. Petersburg direct train to Khabarovsk yet. Will have to implement the transplant in Moscow, with good alignment takes a few hours. So is this route on the train is much easier to get to Khabarovsk by plane.

By rail from Khabarovsk it is possible to get to Vladivostok, Neryungri, Komsomolsk-on-Amur and other cities. Trains come to the railway station of station Khabarovsk-1. It takes the trains long-distance trains and most local trains. The station Khabarovsk-2 is mainly intended for freight transport.


Climate and weather in Khabarovsk

Khabarovsk is located on the banks of the Amur river on the middle Amur lowlands. The climate in this area is sharply continental, characterized by the onset of winter in mid-November. By the end of the month already established a permanent snow cover.

Average January temperatures range from -19 to -20 °C. In 2011 were registered record low temperatures, it is equal to -41,1 °C. Winter is often Sunny weather with moderate frosts, but occasionally from the Arctic to invade cold air masses, lowering the temperature.

Spring weather arrives in mid-April, a significant increase in temperature. Spring is characterized by unstable weather, when there is a sharp change in day and night temperatures. In may, there are often thunderstorms.

Summer in Khabarovsk starts since June is typically the driest month of the period. More hot days occur in July. Often there breaking out forest fires. In the second half of the year it often rains much more. For swimming the best time is the period from mid-June to mid-August. Summer maximum temperature fell at June 2010 was 36.7 °C.

Autumn in this region is the most soft and comfortable.

Precipitation in Khabarovsk, precipitation is 684 mm. Daily maximum occurred in 1985, when he made up 121.2 mm. And in 1981 the maximum amount of rain fell in August and was equal to 434 mm.

For the year in Khabarovsk is almost 300 days of sunshine, which is much greater than in other regions. This is due to the predominance of the Siberian anticyclone, bringing in the winter has a continental climate, with clear weather.

Weather forecast

+11 … +19°C


ne, 5 m/s

+14 … +19°C


s, 2 m/s

+14 … +21°C


SW, 4 m/s

+17 … +22°C


SW, 3 m/s

+14 … +18°C


ne, 3 m/s

+14 … +18°C


ne, 6 m/s

Weather in Khabarovsk for 10 and 14 days on the «Weather.Turister.Ru»

Weather in Khabarovsk by months

day, °C
by night, °C
The number
precipitation, mm
January -17 -24 15
February -12 -21 11
March -2 -12 17
April 9 -1 43
May 18 7 58
June 23 13 82
July 26 17 144
August 24 16 154
September 18 9 89
October 10 1 51
November -4 -11 23
December -14 -21 18


Reviews by months















Ground transportation in Khabarovsk and the surrounding area is a vast network of bus, trolleybus, tram routes. Exists in the city and taxis. Public transport starts to work from 6 a.m. and finishes from 19 to 23 o’clock in the morning. The price of one trip in municipal and commercial transport today will cost 24 rubles.

Read more about the movement in the capital of the Khabarovsk Krai can be read in the article «Transport of Khabarovsk«.

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Photos Of Khabarovsk

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What to see in Khabarovsk

Cathedral on Komsomolskaya square

Khabarovsk is a young city, but there are many interesting attractions and places that are visited by tourists and residents themselves. According to tradition, left over from Soviet times, the Central square of the city bears the name of Lenin. It ranks second in size after the red squarethat is Moscow. Today this place has lost its political significance. There are folk festivals, concerts of local and visiting artists, festivals and fairs. And in the winter it is decorated with a tall tree and a lot of ice sculptures.

Many visitors try to see the so-called Amur miracle big bridge across the Amur river. The one that in 2006 was placed on one side of the banknotes 5 thousand rubles. Built in the early twentieth century, he linked the far East with the European part of Russia, becoming the crown of the TRANS-Siberian railway. Originally the bridge was only the railway, but after extensive renovation it was built on the second floor to traffic. Near the bridge is a Museum dedicated to this Grand structure and taken a part of the old terminal with a length of 127 meters.

Khabarovsk love their city and carefully preserve its history. One of the popular places of recreation for residents and visitors is considered to be the promenade Admiral Nevelskoy and here Amur cliff. It is from this rock and started Khabarovsk, then post khabarovka. On the rock is an observation deck, with which the citizens observe surroundings. Recently there was opened a Museum named Grodekova, two rooms of which a lot of materials tell about the life of the city and its people. To see the city you can with water, buy a tour along the Amur river. The city is especially beautiful in the evening hours, when the millions of lights reflected in the surface of the river.

The city has many old buildings. Unusual among them is the former mill, once owned by Nikolai Ivanovich Tiffanty. The so-called Chinese businessman and industrialist Tzu of Fengtai, many years lived and worked in Russia. Who made a huge fortune, Lifonti was known as an honest and decent man, donating to charity a large amount. He gratuitously supplied the Russian army during the Russo-Japanese war. Survived and a few houses formerly owned by famous Chinese. And today he continues to work his brewery — the brewery # 1.

Khabarovsk is decorated with many temples. Among them the assumption Cathedral, the first building which was erected on the donations of people of all classes. And destroyed in 30-ies as not having any cultural value. But at the insistence of believers, the Cathedral was built again in its place. A real gem of Khabarovsk is considered to be the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral. The snow-white temple with gold domes stands on the banks of the Amur river, striking grandeur and beauty for residents and visitors alike. Visitors should visit other cathedrals of Khabarovsk: the temple of St. innocent in Irkutsk, the Church of St. Seraphim of Sarov.

In Khabarovsk broken a lot of lawns, and in the warm time of year the streets and squares are decorated with numerous flower beds. On Lenin square after the reconstruction with several fountains: large backlight in the center and several small edges. Now in the evenings here you can watch the colorful water extravaganza. Impressive and fountain ensemble at urban ponds where accompanied by sounds of dancing jets in the evenings, classical music.

The city has many monuments. Khabarovsk remember their history are carefully trying to take care of. On the waterfront next to Amur cliff is a monument to the Governor-General N. N. Muravyov-Amursky, who made a great contribution to the development of the Far East. Another famous monument is the sculpture Yerofei Habarova, in whose honor the city was named. The heroic figure of the traveler and the merchant meets all arriving in Khabarovsk on the forecourt.

Tourists will see the monuments and the double-headed eagle, locomotive, tank, ship, plane and even helicopter. The latter is in the courtyard of the St. Petersburg branch of the flight school. On Lenin square there is a monument to the leader of world proletariat, near the pedagogical Institute, the sculpture of A. S. Pushkin. And many other monuments dedicated to specific historical individuals and events.

The names of the festival, who died during the great Patriotic war, immortalized in the square of Fame. She was open to a 30-year anniversary of the end of world war II. Here is the permanent Eternal flame burns in memory 33662 inhabitants of this land, remaining forever on the battlefields.

In Khabarovsk there is also a lot of museums where guests can learn about the history of the founding and development of the city, to explore the flora and fauna of the Far East. Invite visitors several theatres and Philharmonic, Khabarovsk circus, arboretum and many other organizations. And if you want to just walk then you can walk along the beautiful streets, parks, urban areas. The Central street of Khabarovsk is the street Muraveva-Amur, where history intertwines with modern times, and historic buildings coexist with the new offices and shops.

Khabarovsk is a young and beautiful city, but has already its own history. This is reflected even in the new five-thousand-dollar bill entered into circulation in 2006. Obverse side of the banknotes are decorated with a view of the city waterfront, the monument Khabarovsk and the far Eastern Governor-General N. N. Muravyov. Here at the top, you can see the emblem of the city. The reverse shows a bridge also known as the Amur miracle, became in time the longest crossing of Eurasia.


Where to go in Khabarovsk

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The monument, created in honor of the fallen heroes in the Civil war, is located on the Komsomolskaya square.

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All the sights of Khabarovsk

Places of interest in Khabarovsk


Museums and galleries


Parks and recreation

Active rest


Private guides in Khabarovsk

More details from Khabarovsk will help you to see Russian private guides.
The project Experts.Turister.Ru was 1 Russian guide and company in Khabarovsk.


What to do

Beaches Khabarovsk

In the Khabarovsk and near the town is about a dozen sandy beaches. Some of them have gazebos, equipment rental and is equipped with sun beds. But mostly beach holidays for city dwellers is poor. And bathing suit only four places of all.

Near embankment of Admiral Nevelskoy is the Central beach. It is not equipped and is not intended for bathing, and misleading set of labels. But many citizens come here to relax and soak up the sun, and some even try to swim in the water.

Another free resting place by the water near the base of rest «Dolphin». Again, it has no special equipment, but a partial range of amenities and entertainment offers a recreation center for a fee. Fans can rent the gazebo and cook kebabs.

Relax in comfort on the shores recreation Arizona. Here on the lake shore there are sunbeds with parasols, changing rooms and a café, and guests can prepare a barbecue. Rental of beach property and water transport. Also a paid and comfortable enough to stay is the area of beach belonging to the tourist complex «Zaimka».

For children

In Khabarovsk there are many opportunities for fun and interesting holiday with the children. One of the popular places of recreation for the whole family is the City Park. You can go on different rides, to visit a small cafe. In the Park there is an entertainment center «harlequin», which also presented various game machines, amusement rides, there is a race track, and bowling. For kids there is a special children’s room with animators. In the Park you can rent a boat or catamaran, and in the winter ice skating.

Another place — urban ponds, where the shores of artificial lakes located sculptures of heroes from popular Soviet cartoons, there are rentals of boats and cute cafes. In hot weather here is particularly pleasant to spend leisure time with children, as are fountains, some of which in the evenings is a real music / light show.

Opened for children and other entertainment centers. In addition, everyone can ride on a small railway, to participate in various quests, interact with animals at a small zoo to visit the children’s performances and so on. List of fun with children is huge. And for every child you can find rest and joy in his taste.



Tourists who visit Khabarovsk and want to buy something as a souvenir or as a gift, I advise you to buy useful gifts of nature that abound in the forests of this region, badger and bear fat. Goods acquired from the local population or in the city markets.

In the region the population has long been engaged in such pursuits as fishing and hunting. So here you can buy amulets or charms from teeth, horns, bones of wild animals that help defend against evil spirits and associated with luck. These products are sold in the Museum and gift shop.

Are popular Nanai Slippers, decorated with patterns of fur. For friends can be purchased in the gift shop copies of petroglyphs — small round stones with engraved images. Genuine boulders with images were found on the Ussuri river in one of the Nanai villages.

Bring tourists from Khabarovsk local salves and tinctures. About their origin they say even the name: «Khabarovsk», «the Golden horn», «Ussuri» and so on. Among the delicacies are in demand crab, red fish and caviar.

Sold in Khabarovsk products from neighbouring countries. In any store you can buy, for example, mayonnaise, carbonated milk, cream from Korea, very tasty coffee from Japan, authentic Chinese tea and many other products.


Food and drinks

The culinary traditions of the peoples living in the Amur region, was developed on the basis of their lifestyle. Here, preference is often given not the taste based food, and its caloric value or energy. Adult males were engaged in hunting and fishing, went into the forest for a few days or weeks. So the food was hearty, nutritious, taking that in the morning, you can not think about food all day.

Usual resident of Central Russia fruit and vegetables there is almost not growing, but the local population was engaged in gathering mushrooms, berries. Still in demand and ferns, as an additive to salads.

And today meat and fish are the basic foods of the inhabitants of this district. Many dishes are traditional for the inhabitants of the European part of the way. Fillet some large commercial fish freeze and eat, pre-cut into pieces, seasoning salt, vinegar, pepper. This dish is called «Tala», and it can be ordered at any restaurant. Popular and other dishes such as smoked venison, fish dumpling and roast deer, Asian red deer.

In Khabarovsk you can not only visit the places with traditional cuisine. There is a cafe where you can enjoy Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other cuisines. Not spared Khabarovsk, and the restaurants with fast food. But in addition to this foreign and not always useful food, these friends are open and public catering canteens, dumpling, eateries and taste.

A snack will cost the visitor 150-400 rubles, and lunch for two will cost 600 rubles. A visit to the cafe will be 500 roubles, and a dinner at a nice restaurant — not less than 2 thousand rubles. But expensive and pretentious restaurants in the city a bit.


Where to stay in Khabarovsk

In Khabarovsk there are many hotels, small hotels, guest houses and hostels where you can get a room on any income. Most of the hotels are situated in the Railway area. Cheap apartments are living here from 300 to 600 rubles per day. For the more discerning guests there are three hotels and five star category. Accordingly, you will have to pay for accommodation from 2 to 7 thousand rubles. This amount is often included and Breakfast.

Any hotel regardless of price offers the necessary amenities for your stay. In hotels there are many additional services. As are all the hotels mainly in the center of Khabarovsk, then settled in them, tourists can easily reach the main city attractions. Close to theatres and Park, Central city cathedrals and river station. Visitors can also admire one of the biggest bridges in Eurasia and to walk on it.

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